How Credit Repair Works

Credit repair involves a multi-dimensional approach to improving your credit. Effective credit bureaus disputes are essential and can provide very exciting results as you watch derogatory information fall off your credit reports month by month; and what could be better than that? But beyond the excitement of the basic credit repair clean-up there remains the important issue of getting your credit scores to behave. And there is more to it than you may think.

Truly Effective Credit Repair

Truly effective credit repair will not only clean up your report, but produce dramatic and measurable credit score improvement. As mysterious as credit scores may seem at the moment, once you understand the mechanics and a few subtle details, you will realize that you can control what your scores do. This does not mean that you will be able to get your scores to 850 overnight, as some components of the FICO scoring formula are time based. But you should be able to produce dramatic improvement within a short period of time, and more importantly you will have a new sense of personal control and empowerment over your credit life.

Knowledge is Power

A credit repair professional will conduct a detailed review of your credit report for the purpose of determining what adjustments need to made to optimize your credit scores. These adjustments may include opening new credit cards to compensate for any deficiency, closing store cards and other non-productive consumer debt, and reducing existing revolving balances. There are very specific ways in which these adjustments should be made in order to insure your credit repair success, and if you are in our program we will make sure that you understand the logic behind any recommendations we make so that you will be able to benefit for many years to come.

All Things Considered

In addition, any truly comprehensive credit repair service will make sure that all available rehabilitation opportunities are utilized. If you are having student loan issues or have credit cards that are currently behind, but not yet charged off by the creditor, there may be some powerful credit repair rehabilitation programs that can bring you current and simultaneously wipe out much of the derogatory information on your report.

The Right Results

The only right approach to credit repair is the comprehensive approach. The details make the difference between frustration and complete success. As always, if you would like to chat with us about your situation we welcome your call. Good luck!