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Repair Your Credit for the Following Cities in State of Oregon

Abernethy Island, Oregon
Acme, Oregon
Adair Village, Oregon
Adams, Oregon
Adel, Oregon
Adrian, Oregon
Agate Beach, Oregon
Agness, Oregon
Aims, Oregon
Airlie, Oregon
Alameda, Oregon
Albany, Oregon
Albina, Oregon
Alder, Oregon
Alder Creek, Oregon
Aldervale, Oregon
Alfalfa, Oregon
Algoma, Oregon
Alicel, Oregon
Allegany, Oregon
Alma, Oregon
Aloha, Oregon
Alpha, Oregon
Alpine, Oregon
Alsea, Oregon
Alsea Rivera, Oregon
Alston, Oregon
Altamont, Oregon
Alvadore, Oregon
Amity, Oregon
Andrews, Oregon
Anlauf, Oregon
Annex, Oregon
Antelope, Oregon
Anunde Island, Oregon
Apiary, Oregon
Applegate, Oregon
Arago, Oregon
Arcadia, Oregon
Arch Cape, Oregon
Arch Rock, Oregon
Ardenwald, Oregon
Arleta, Oregon
Arlington, Oregon
Arock, Oregon
Ash, Oregon
Ash Island, Oregon
Ashland, Oregon
Ashwood, Oregon
Astoria, Oregon
Athena, Oregon
Aumsville, Oregon
Aurora, Oregon
Austin, Oregon
Azalea, Oregon
Bacona, Oregon
Badger Corner, Oregon
Bagnell Ferry, Oregon
Bakeoven, Oregon
Baker City, Oregon
Baker Island, Oregon
Ballston, Oregon
Balm Grove, Oregon
Baltimore Rock, Oregon
Bancroft, Oregon
Bandon, Oregon
Banks, Oregon
Bare Island, Oregon
Barlow, Oregon
Barnacle Rock, Oregon
Barnes Heights, Oregon
Barnesdale, Oregon
Bartlett, Oregon
Barton, Oregon
Barview, Oregon
Basque, Oregon
Bates, Oregon
Batterson, Oregon
Battin, Oregon
Battle Rock, Oregon
Bay City, Oregon
Bay Park, Oregon
Bayshore, Oregon
Bayside Gardens, Oregon
Bayview, Oregon
Beagle, Oregon
Bear Island, Oregon
Beatty, Oregon
Beaver, Oregon
Beaver Homes, Oregon
Beaver Springs, Oregon
Beavercreek, Oregon
Beaverton, Oregon
Beebe Island, Oregon
Beech Creek, Oregon
Belknap Springs, Oregon
Bell Rock, Oregon
Bellevue, Oregon
Bellfountain, Oregon
Bend, Oregon
Berlin, Oregon
Best Rock, Oregon
Bethany, Oregon
Bethel, Oregon
Bethel Gospel Park, Oregon
Bethel Heights, Oregon
Beulah, Oregon
Beverly Beach, Oregon
Big Bend Island, Oregon
Biggs Junction, Oregon
Billy Goat Island, Oregon
Bingham Springs, Oregon
Bird Rocks, Oregon
Birkenfeld, Oregon
Bissell, Oregon
Bitter Lick, Oregon
Blachly, Oregon
Black Butte, Oregon
Black Butte Ranch, Oregon
Black Rock, Oregon
Blacks Island, Oregon
Blaine, Oregon
Blaisdell, Oregon
Blodgett, Oregon
Blooming, Oregon
Blue River, Oregon
Bly, Oregon
Boardman, Oregon
Boat Rock, Oregon
Bolon Island, Oregon
Bolton, Oregon
Bonanza, Oregon
Bonita, Oregon
Bonneville, Oregon
Bonny Slope, Oregon
Boone Island, Oregon
Booth Island, Oregon
Boring, Oregon
Bourne, Oregon
Boyd, Oregon
Boyer, Oregon
Bradford Island, Oregon
Bradley Corner, Oregon
Bradwood, Oregon
Breitenbush, Oregon
Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon
Briarwood, Oregon
Brickerville, Oregon
Bridal Veil, Oregon
Bridge, Oregon
Bridgeport, Oregon
Bridgeton, Oregon
Bridgeview, Oregon
Bridlemile, Oregon
Brighton, Oregon
Brightwood, Oregon
Broadbent, Oregon
Broadmead, Oregon
Brockway, Oregon
Brogan, Oregon
Brookings, Oregon
Brooklyn, Oregon
Brooks, Oregon
Brothers, Oregon
Brown Rock, Oregon
Brownlee, Oregon
Browns Island, Oregon
Brownsboro, Oregon
Brownsmead, Oregon
Brownsville, Oregon
Browntown, Oregon
Brush College, Oregon
Brush Island, Oregon
Bryant, Oregon
Buchanan, Oregon
Buck Island, Oregon
Buckheaven, Oregon
Buckhorn Springs, Oregon
Bucks Corners, Oregon
Buell, Oregon
Buena Vista, Oregon
Bull Island, Oregon
Bull Run, Oregon
Bullards, Oregon
Buncom, Oregon
Bunker Hill, Oregon
Burlingame, Oregon
Burlington, Oregon
Burns, Oregon
Burnt Rock, Oregon
Burnt Woods, Oregon
Butte Falls, Oregon
Butterfly Island, Oregon
Butteville, Oregon
Buxton, Oregon
Bybee Corner, Oregon
Cabell City, Oregon
Cairo, Oregon
Calapooia, Oregon
California Bar, Oregon
Calkins, Oregon
Callahan, Oregon
Camas Valley, Oregon
Camel Rock, Oregon
Camp Elkanah, Oregon
Camp Sherman, Oregon
Canaan, Oregon
Canary, Oregon
Canby, Oregon
Canemah, Oregon
Cannery Island, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Canyon City, Oregon
Canyonville, Oregon
Cape Meares, Oregon
Capitol Hill, Oregon
Carlton, Oregon
Carnahan, Oregon
Carnation, Oregon
Carpenters Island, Oregon
Carpenterville, Oregon
Carson, Oregon
Carson Heights, Oregon
Carus, Oregon
Carver, Oregon
Cascade Gorge, Oregon
Cascade Locks, Oregon
Cascadia, Oregon
Castle Rock, Oregon
Cat and Kittens Rock, Oregon
Cave Junction, Oregon
Cave Rock, Oregon
Cayuse, Oregon
Cecil, Oregon
Cedar Flat, Oregon
Cedar Hills, Oregon
Cedar Island, Oregon
Cedar Mill, Oregon
Cedar Point, Oregon
Cedardale, Oregon
Cedarhurst Park, Oregon
Celilo Village, Oregon
Centennial Island, Oregon
Central Point, Oregon
Champoeg, Oregon
Chapman, Oregon
Chapman Corner, Oregon
Chapman Landing, Oregon
Charbonneau, Oregon
Charleston, Oregon
Charlestown, Oregon
Chatham Island, Oregon
Chehalem, Oregon
Chemawa, Oregon
Chemult, Oregon
Chenoweth, Oregon
Cherry Grove, Oregon
Cherry Heights, Oregon
Cherryville, Oregon
Cheshire, Oregon
Chiefs Island, Oregon
Chiloquin, Oregon
China Town, Oregon
Chitwood, Oregon
Christmas Valley, Oregon
Clackamas, Oregon
Clackamas Heights, Oregon
Clarke, Oregon
Clarkes, Oregon
Clarksville, Oregon
Clarno, Oregon
Clatskanie, Oregon
Clatskanie Heights, Oregon
Clear Creek, Oregon
Clear Lake, Oregon
Clearwater, Oregon
Clem, Oregon
Cleveland, Oregon
Clifton, Oregon
Climax, Oregon
Cloverdale, Oregon
Cluster, Oregon
Coaledo, Oregon
Cobb, Oregon
Coburg, Oregon
Cochran Islands, Oregon
Coffee Island, Oregon
Coffee Pot Island, Oregon
Cold Springs, Oregon
Cold Springs Junction, Oregon
Cole Island, Oregon
Coles Valley, Oregon
Colestin, Oregon
College Hill, Oregon
Colton, Oregon
Columbia City, Oregon
Columbia Heights, Oregon
Comstock, Oregon
Concord, Oregon
Condon, Oregon
Conical Rock, Oregon
Conical White Rock, Oregon
Cook, Oregon
Coon Island, Oregon
Coos Bay, Oregon
Coos River, Oregon
Cooston, Oregon
Copper, Oregon
Coquille, Oregon
Coquille Rock, Oregon
Corbett, Oregon
Corey Hill, Oregon
Cornelius, Oregon
Cornucopia, Oregon
Coronado Shores, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Cottrell, Oregon
Couplets, Oregon
Courtrock, Oregon
Cousins, Oregon
Cove, Oregon
Cove Orchard, Oregon
Cow Creek, Oregon
Cox Island, Oregon
Cox Rock, Oregon
Coyote Island, Oregon
Coyote Island (historical), Oregon
Crab Rock, Oregon
Crabtree, Oregon
Cranberry Corners, Oregon
Crane, Oregon
Crawfordsville, Oregon
Crescent, Oregon
Crescent Lake, Oregon
Creston, Oregon
Creswell, Oregon
Crims Island, Oregon
Crockett, Oregon
Crooked River Ranch, Oregon
Crow, Oregon
Crowfoot, Oregon
Crowley, Oregon
Crown Point, Oregon
Culp Creek, Oregon
Culver, Oregon
Currinsville, Oregon
Curtin, Oregon
Cushman, Oregon
Cutler City, Oregon
Dads Creek, Oregon
Dairy, Oregon
Dale, Oregon
Dallas, Oregon
Damascus, Oregon
Damascus Heights, Oregon
Danebo, Oregon
Danner, Oregon
Dant, Oregon
Dardanelles, Oregon
Darrows Islands, Oregon
Day, Oregon
Days Creek, Oregon
Dayton, Oregon
Dayville, Oregon
De Moss Springs, Oregon
Deadwood, Oregon
Dearborn Island, Oregon
Dee, Oregon
Deer Island, Oregon
Deerhorn, Oregon
Delake, Oregon
Delena, Oregon
Dellwood, Oregon
Delmar, Oregon
Delta Island, Oregon
Denmark, Oregon
Dennis, Oregon
Depoe Bay, Oregon
Deschutes, Oregon
Deschutes River Woods, Oregon
Detroit, Oregon
Dew Valley, Oregon
Dexter, Oregon
Diamond, Oregon
Diamond Head, Oregon
Diamond Lake, Oregon
Dillard, Oregon
Dilley, Oregon
Disston, Oregon
Diver Rock, Oregon
Dixonville, Oregon
Dodge, Oregon
Dodge Island, Oregon
Dodson, Oregon
Doe Island, Oregon
Donald, Oregon
Dora, Oregon
Dorena, Oregon
Double Rock, Oregon
Dover, Oregon
Downs, Oregon
Drain, Oregon
Drake Crossing, Oregon
Draperville, Oregon
Dreadnought Island, Oregon
Drew, Oregon
Drewsey, Oregon
Drift Creek, Oregon
Dry Creek, Oregon
Dry Creek Island, Oregon
Dry Stocking Island, Oregon
Dryden, Oregon
Dufur, Oregon
Duncan, Oregon
Duncan Island, Oregon
Dundee, Oregon
Dunes City, Oregon
Dunnean, Oregon
Dunthorpe, Oregon
Durham, Oregon
Durkee, Oregon
Eagle Creek, Oregon
Eagle Island, Oregon
Eagle Point, Oregon
East Gardiner, Oregon
East Island, Oregon
East Maupin, Oregon
East Portland, Oregon
Eastmoreland, Oregon
Eastside, Oregon
Echo, Oregon
Echo Dell, Oregon
Echo Island, Oregon
Eddyville, Oregon
Eden, Oregon
Edenbower, Oregon
Eightmile, Oregon
Eldorado, Oregon
Elgarose, Oregon
Elgin, Oregon
Elk City, Oregon
Elk Island (historical), Oregon
Elk Lake, Oregon
Elk Rock Island, Oregon
Elkhead, Oregon
Elkhorn, Oregon
Elkhorn Woods, Oregon
Elkton, Oregon
Ella, Oregon
Ellendale, Oregon
Elliott Prairie, Oregon
Elmira, Oregon
Elmonica, Oregon
Elsie, Oregon
Elwood, Oregon
Emerson, Oregon
Empire, Oregon
Encina, Oregon
Endersby, Oregon
Englewood, Oregon
Enright, Oregon
Enterprise, Oregon
Eola, Oregon
Eola Crest, Oregon
Eola Village, Oregon
Errol Heights, Oregon
Erskine, Oregon
Estabrook, Oregon
Estacada, Oregon
Eugene, Oregon
Evans, Oregon
Face Rock, Oregon
Fair Oaks, Oregon
Fairbanks, Oregon
Fairfield, Oregon
Fairhaven, Oregon
Fairview, Oregon
Falcon Heights, Oregon
Falcon Rock, Oregon
Fall Creek, Oregon
Falls City, Oregon
Farmington, Oregon
Faubion, Oregon
Fawn Island, Oregon
Fern Hill, Oregon
Fern Ridge Shores, Oregon
Ferndale, Oregon
Fernvale, Oregon
Fernwood, Oregon
Fields, Oregon
Finger Rock, Oregon
Finn Rock, Oregon
Fir Grove, Oregon
Fir Villa, Oregon
Firwood, Oregon
Fischer Island, Oregon
Fisher, Oregon
Fishers Corner, Oregon
Fitzpatrick Island, Oregon
Five Corners, Oregon
Five Foot Rock, Oregon
Five Islands, Oregon
Flag Island, Oregon
Flat Black Rock, Oregon
Flat Rock, Oregon
Flora, Oregon
Florence, Oregon
Flynn, Oregon
Foley Springs, Oregon
Folkenberg, Oregon
Foots Creek, Oregon
Fords Mill, Oregon
Forest Crossing, Oregon
Forest Grove, Oregon
Forfar, Oregon
Fort Hill Census Designated Place, Oregon
Fort Klamath, Oregon
Fort Rock, Oregon
Fort Stevens, Oregon
Fortune Branch, Oregon
Foss, Oregon
Fossil, Oregon
Foster, Oregon
Fountain Rock, Oregon
Four Cabin Corner, Oregon
Four Corners, Oregon
Fourmile, Oregon
Fox, Oregon
Fox Rock, Oregon
Fox Valley, Oregon
Franklin, Oregon
Frenchglen, Oregon
Friend, Oregon
Frost Mill, Oregon
Fruita, Oregon
Fruitdale, Oregon
Fruitland, Oregon
Fruitvale, Oregon
Fry Island, Oregon
Fulton, Oregon
Galena, Oregon
Gales Creek, Oregon

Galesville, Oregon
Galice, Oregon
Gap, Oregon
Garden Home, Oregon
Garden Home-Whitford, Oregon
Gardiner, Oregon
Garibaldi, Oregon
Gary Island, Oregon
Gaston, Oregon
Gates, Oregon
Gateway, Oregon
Gaylord, Oregon
Gazley, Oregon
Gearhart, Oregon
Geneva, Oregon
George, Oregon
Geren Island, Oregon
Gervais, Oregon
Gibbon, Oregon
Gibson Island, Oregon
Gilbert, Oregon
Gilchrist, Oregon
Gladstone, Oregon
Glasgow, Oregon
Glen Avon, Oregon
Glen Echo, Oregon
Glenada, Oregon
Glenbrook, Oregon
Glencoe, Oregon
Glencullen, Oregon
Glendale, Oregon
Gleneden Beach, Oregon
Glenwood, Oregon
Glide, Oregon
Goat Island, Oregon
Goble, Oregon
Gold Beach, Oregon
Gold Hill, Oregon
Golden, Oregon
Goldson, Oregon
Goodpasture Island (historical), Oregon
Goose Egg Island, Oregon
Goose Hollow Northwest Hills, Oregon
Goose Island, Oregon
Gooseberry, Oregon
Gopher Flats, Oregon
Gorr Island, Oregon
Goshen, Oregon
Government Camp, Oregon
Government Island, Oregon
Grabenhorst Corner, Oregon
Grand Island, Oregon
Grand Rapids, Oregon
Grand Ronde, Oregon
Grand Ronde Agency, Oregon
Grande Ronde, Oregon
Grandview, Oregon
Granite, Oregon
Grant Island, Oregon
Grants Pass, Oregon
Grass Valley, Oregon
Grassy Island, Oregon
Gravelford, Oregon
Graves Island, Oregon
Green, Oregon
Green Acres, Oregon
Green Hills, Oregon
Green Island, Oregon
Green Meadows, Oregon
Green Rock, Oregon
Greenhorn, Oregon
Greenleaf, Oregon
Greenville, Oregon
Gresham, Oregon
Griffith Island (historical), Oregon
Grizzly, Oregon
Grouse, Oregon
Guano Rock, Oregon
Gull Island, Oregon
Gull Rock, Oregon
Gull Rocks, Oregon
Gunter, Oregon
Gurdane, Oregon
Hadleyville, Oregon
Hager, Oregon
Haiden island, Oregon
Haines, Oregon
Halfway, Oregon
Halsey, Oregon
Hamilton, Oregon
Hamlet, Oregon
Hammond, Oregon
Hampton, Oregon
Hamricks Corner, Oregon
Happy Hollow, Oregon
Happy Valley, Oregon
Harbeck-Fruitdale (historical), Oregon
Harbor, Oregon
Harbour island, Oregon
Hardtack Island, Oregon
Harlan, Oregon
Harmony, Oregon
Harmony Point, Oregon
Harney, Oregon
Harper, Oregon
Harris, Oregon
Harris Island, Oregon
Harrisburg, Oregon
Hathaway Mead, Oregon
Hauser, Oregon
Haven Island, Oregon
Hawthorne, Oregon
Hayden Island, Oregon
Hayesville, Oregon
Haynesville, Oregon
Haystack Rock, Oregon
Hayward, Oregon
Hazel Green, Oregon
Hazeldale, Oregon
Hazelwood, Oregon
Hebo, Oregon
Heceta Beach, Oregon
Helix, Oregon
Helvetia, Oregon
Hemlock, Oregon
Henley, Oregon
Henley island, Oregon
Henrici, Oregon
Heppner, Oregon
Hereford, Oregon
Hermiston, Oregon
Hettinger Island, Oregon
Hidaway Springs, Oregon
Highland, Oregon
Hildebrand, Oregon
Hilgard, Oregon
Hillsboro, Oregon
Hillsdale, Oregon
Hillside, Oregon
Hillsview, Oregon
Hines, Oregon
Hinkle, Oregon
Hoacum Island, Oregon
Hobsonville, Oregon
Hog Island, Oregon
Holbrook, Oregon
Holcomb, Oregon
Holdman, Oregon
Holiday Beach, Oregon
Holland, Oregon
Holley, Oregon
Hollywood, Oregon
Homestead, Oregon
Hood River, Oregon
Hoodview, Oregon
Hopewell, Oregon
Hopville, Oregon
Horseheaven, Oregon
Horseshoe Island, Oregon
Horton, Oregon
Hoskins, Oregon
Hot Lake, Oregon
Hot Springs, Oregon
House Rock, Oregon
Hubbard, Oregon
Huber, Oregon
Hudson island, Oregon
Huffman Island, Oregon
Hugo, Oregon
Hump Rock, Oregon
Hunter Creek, Oregon
Hunters Island, Oregon
Huntington, Oregon
Hutchinson, Oregon
Idanha, Oregon
Idaville, Oregon
Idleyld Park, Oregon
Illahe, Oregon
Imbler, Oregon
Imnaha, Oregon
Imnaha River Woods Development, Oregon
Independence, Oregon
Indian John Island, Oregon
Indian Village, Oregon
Indiola, Oregon
Inglis, Oregon
Ingram Island, Oregon
Interlachen, Oregon
Ione, Oregon
Ironside, Oregon
Irrigon, Oregon
Irving, Oregon
Irvington, Oregon
Island City, Oregon
Island Number 17 (historical), Oregon
Island Rock, Oregon
Izee, Oregon
Jacksonville, Oregon
Jamieson, Oregon
Jasper, Oregon
Jean, Oregon
Jeffers Garden, Oregon
Jefferson, Oregon
Jennings Lodge, Oregon
Jernigan Island, Oregon
Jewell, Oregon
Jewitt Island, Oregon
Jimtown, Oregon
Jockey Cap, Oregon
John Day, Oregon
John Smith Island, Oregon
Johns Landing, Oregon
Johnson City, Oregon
Johnson Crossing, Oregon
Johnson Island, Oregon
Jordan, Oregon
Jordan Creek, Oregon
Jordan Valley, Oregon
Joseph, Oregon
Junction City, Oregon
Juntura, Oregon
Kansas City, Oregon
Karlson Island, Oregon
Keas Corner, Oregon
Keasey, Oregon
Keating, Oregon
Keizer, Oregon
Kellogg, Oregon
Kellogg Park, Oregon
Kelso, Oregon
Keno, Oregon
Kent, Oregon
Kenton, Oregon
Kerby, Oregon
Kernville, Oregon
Kerry, Oregon
Kerry Island, Oregon
Kiger Island, Oregon
Kilts, Oregon
Kimberly, Oregon
King City, Oregon
Kings Heights, Oregon
Kings Valley, Oregon
Kingsley, Oregon
Kingston, Oregon
Kinton, Oregon
Kirk, Oregon
Kirkpatrick, Oregon
Klamath Agency, Oregon
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Klondike, Oregon
Klooqueh Rock, Oregon
Knappa, Oregon
Knox Rock, Oregon
La Grande, Oregon
La Pine, Oregon
Labish Center, Oregon
Labish Village, Oregon
Lacomb, Oregon
Ladd Hill, Oregon
Lafayette, Oregon
Lake Creek, Oregon
Lake of the Woods, Oregon
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Lakebrook, Oregon
Lakeside, Oregon
Lakeview, Oregon
Lakewood, Oregon
Lancaster, Oregon
Langell Valley, Oregon
Langlois, Oregon
Large Brown Rock, Oregon
Larson Island, Oregon
Latham, Oregon
Latourell, Oregon
Laurel, Oregon
Laurel Grove, Oregon
Laurelhurst, Oregon
Laurelwood, Oregon
Lawen, Oregon
Lazarus Island, Oregon
Leaburg, Oregon
Leaning Rock, Oregon
Lebanon, Oregon
Leeds Island, Oregon
Lehman Springs, Oregon
Leland, Oregon
Lemon Island, Oregon
Lena, Oregon
Leneve, Oregon
Lents, Oregon
Lenz, Oregon
Leona, Oregon
Lewis, Oregon
Lewisburg, Oregon
Lewisville, Oregon
Lexington, Oregon
Libby, Oregon
Liberal, Oregon
Liberty, Oregon
Lime, Oregon
Lincoln, Oregon
Lincoln Beach, Oregon
Lincoln City, Oregon
Lindbergh, Oregon
Linnton, Oregon
Linslaw, Oregon
Lion Rock, Oregon
Little Albany, Oregon
Little Alps, Oregon
Little Switzerland, Oregon
Locust Grove, Oregon
Logan, Oregon
Logsden, Oregon
Lois Island, Oregon
London, Oregon
London Springs, Oregon
Lone Elder, Oregon
Lone Pine Island, Oregon
Lone Rock, Oregon
Lonerock, Oregon
Long Brown Rock, Oregon
Long Creek, Oregon
Long Island, Oregon
Long Rock, Oregon
Long Walk Island, Oregon
Lookingglass, Oregon
Lookout Rock, Oregon
Lorane, Oregon
Lord Island, Oregon
Lorella, Oregon
Lost Lake Resort, Oregon
Lostine, Oregon
Louse Island, Oregon
Low Pass, Oregon
Lowell, Oregon
Lower Kiger Island, Oregon
Lukarilla, Oregon
Lunnville, Oregon
Lyons, Oregon
Mabel, Oregon
Mack Arch, Oregon
Macksburg, Oregon
Macleay, Oregon
Madras, Oregon
Malin, Oregon
Malone, Oregon
Manhattan Beach, Oregon
Manning, Oregon
Manzanita, Oregon
Maple Island (historical), Oregon
Mapleton, Oregon
Maplewood, Oregon
Marcola, Oregon
Marial, Oregon
Marion, Oregon
Marion Forks, Oregon
Marks Island, Oregon
Marlene Village, Oregon
Marmot, Oregon
Marquam, Oregon
Marquam Hill, Oregon
Marsh Island, Oregon
Marsh Island Light, Oregon
Marshall Island, Oregon
Marshland, Oregon
Marylhurst, Oregon
Maupin, Oregon
Maxville, Oregon
Mayger, Oregon
Mayville, Oregon
Maywood Park, Oregon
McBee Island, Oregon
McCaffrey Island, Oregon
McCoy, Oregon
McCredie Springs, Oregon
McDonald, Oregon
McEwen, Oregon
McGregor Island, Oregon
McGuire Island, Oregon
McKay, Oregon
McKee, Oregon
McKee Bridge, Oregon
McKenzie Bridge, Oregon
McKinley, Oregon
McLain Island, Oregon
McLeod, Oregon
McMinnville, Oregon
McNary, Oregon
McNulty, Oregon
McPhersons Island, Oregon
Meacham, Oregon
Meda, Oregon
Medford, Oregon
Medical Springs, Oregon
Mehama, Oregon
Melrose, Oregon
Melville, Oregon
Memaloose Island (historical), Oregon
Merlin, Oregon
Merrill, Oregon
Metolius, Oregon
Metzger, Oregon
Middle Grove, Oregon
Middleton, Oregon
Midland, Oregon
Midway, Oregon
Mikkalo, Oregon
Miles Crossing, Oregon
Mill Camp, Oregon
Mill City, Oregon
Miller Island, Oregon
Miller Sands, Oregon
Millersburg, Oregon
Millican, Oregon
Millington, Oregon
Millwood, Oregon
Milo, Oregon
Milton-Freewater, Oregon
Milwaukie, Oregon
Milwaukie Heights, Oregon
Minaker Island, Oregon
Minam, Oregon
Minerva, Oregon
Minto Island, Oregon
Mishawaka, Oregon
Mission, Oregon
Mist, Oregon
Mitchell, Oregon
Modesto, Oregon
Modeville, Oregon
Modoc Point, Oregon
Mohawk, Oregon
Mohler, Oregon
Molalla, Oregon
Monitor, Oregon
Monkland, Oregon
Monmouth, Oregon
Monroe, Oregon
Montavilla, Oregon
Monument, Oregon
Moody Island, Oregon
Moores Island, Oregon
Morgan, Oregon
Morgan Island, Oregon
Moro, Oregon
Morton Island, Oregon
Mosier, Oregon
Mott Island, Oregon
Mount Angel, Oregon
Mount Hood, Oregon
Mount Hood Village, Oregon
Mount Pleasant, Oregon
Mount Vernon, Oregon
Mountain Air Park, Oregon
Mountain View, Oregon
Mountaindale, Oregon
Mulino, Oregon
Mulloy, Oregon
Multnomah, Oregon
Murphy, Oregon
Mussel Rock, Oregon
Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Myrtle Island, Oregon
Myrtle Point, Oregon
Nansene, Oregon
Narrows, Oregon
Nashville, Oregon
Navy Heights, Oregon
Neahkahnie, Oregon
Neahkahnie Beach, Oregon
Nedonna Beach, Oregon
Needle Rock, Oregon
Needles, Oregon
Needy, Oregon
Nehalem, Oregon
Nelscott, Oregon
Neotsu, Oregon
Nesika Beach, Oregon
Neskowin, Oregon
Netarts, Oregon
Neverstill, Oregon
New Bridge, Oregon
New Era, Oregon
New Hope, Oregon
New Idanha, Oregon
New Pine Creek, Oregon
New Princeton, Oregon
Newberg, Oregon
Newport, Oregon
Newport Heights, Oregon
Niagara, Oregon
Nimrod, Oregon
Nolin, Oregon
Noon, Oregon
North Albany, Oregon
North Beach, Oregon
North Bend, Oregon
North Fork, Oregon
North Highland, Oregon
North Howell, Oregon
North Island, Oregon
North Plains, Oregon
North Portland, Oregon
North Powder, Oregon
North Rock, Oregon
North Springfield, Oregon
North Umpqua Village, Oregon
Northwest Rock, Oregon
Nortons, Oregon
Norway, Oregon
Norwood, Oregon
Norwood Island, Oregon
Noti, Oregon
Nye, Oregon
Nyssa, Oregon
Nyssa Heights, Oregon
O’Brien, Oregon
O’Neil Corners, Oregon
Oak Grove, Oregon
Oak Hills, Oregon
Oak Park, Oregon
Oakdale, Oregon
Oakland, Oregon
Oaklawn, Oregon
Oakridge, Oregon
Oaks, Oregon
Oatfield, Oregon
Ocean Park, Oregon
Oceanlake, Oregon
Oceanside, Oregon
Odell, Oregon
Odell Lake, Oregon
Oklahoma Hill, Oregon
Olalla, Oregon
Old Colton, Oregon
Old Town, Oregon
Old Town Chinatown, Oregon
Olene, Oregon
Olex, Oregon
Olney, Oregon
Ona, Oregon

Ontario, Oregon
Ontario Heights, Oregon
Ontario Island, Oregon
Opal City, Oregon
Ophir, Oregon
Oregon City, Oregon
Oregon Island, Oregon
Orenco, Oregon
Oretown, Oregon
Orient, Oregon
Ortley, Oregon
Otis, Oregon
Otter Rock, Oregon
Owyhee, Oregon
Oxbow, Oregon
Oysterville, Oregon
Pacific City, Oregon
Pacific Palisades, Oregon
Painted Rock, Oregon
Paisley, Oregon
Paradise, Oregon
Paradise Park, Oregon
Paris, Oregon
Park Place, Oregon
Parkdale, Oregon
Parker, Oregon
Parkersburg, Oregon
Parkrose, Oregon
Patch Island, Oregon
Patton, Oregon
Paulina, Oregon
Pearcy Island, Oregon
Peck, Oregon
Pedee, Oregon
Peel, Oregon
Pelican City, Oregon
Pelican Island, Oregon
Pelican Rock, Oregon
Pendair Heights, Oregon
Pendleton, Oregon
Peoria, Oregon
Perrin Island, Oregon
Perry, Oregon
Perrydale, Oregon
Petersburg, Oregon
Phantom Ship, Oregon
Philomath, Oregon
Phoca Rock, Oregon
Phoenix, Oregon
Picture Rock Island, Oregon
Piedmont, Oregon
Piety Knob, Oregon
Pillar Rock, Oregon
Pillar Rock Island, Oregon
Pilot Rock, Oregon
Pine, Oregon
Pine City, Oregon
Pine Creek, Oregon
Pine Grove, Oregon
Pine Hollow, Oregon
Pinehurst, Oregon
Pioneer, Oregon
Pistol River, Oregon
Pittsburg, Oregon
Placer, Oregon
Pleasant Hill, Oregon
Pleasant Home, Oregon
Pleasant Valley, Oregon
Pleasant Valley Island, Oregon
Plum Trees, Oregon
Plush, Oregon
Point Terrace, Oregon
Pondosa, Oregon
Port Orford, Oregon
Porter Creek, Oregon
Porters Island, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Portland Heights, Oregon
Post, Oregon
Powell Butte, Oregon
Powell Valley, Oregon
Powellhurst, Oregon
Power City, Oregon
Powers, Oregon
Prairie City, Oregon
Prati Island, Oregon
Pratum, Oregon
Prescott, Oregon
Prineville, Oregon
Progress, Oregon
Promise, Oregon
Pronghorn, Oregon
Proposal Rock, Oregon
Prospect, Oregon
Prosper, Oregon
Provolt, Oregon
Pyramid Rock, Oregon
Qochyax Island, Oregon
Quartz Mountain, Oregon
Quincy, Oregon
Quines Creek, Oregon
Quinns Island, Oregon
Rabbit Rock, Oregon
Rainbow, Oregon
Rainbow Island, Oregon
Rainier, Oregon
Rainrock, Oregon
Raleigh Hills, Oregon
Ramsey Island (historical), Oregon
Rand, Oregon
Randolph, Oregon
Randolph Island, Oregon
Range, Oregon
Red Rock, Oregon
Redfish Rocks, Oregon
Redland, Oregon
Redmond, Oregon
Redwood, Oregon
Reed, Oregon
Reed Island, Oregon
Reedsport, Oregon
Reedville, Oregon
Remote, Oregon
Reston, Oregon
Reuben, Oregon
Rex, Oregon
Rhododendron, Oregon
Rhododendron Island, Oregon
Rice Hill, Oregon
Rice Rocks, Oregon
Richland, Oregon
Richmond, Oregon
Rickreall, Oregon
Riddle, Oregon
Rieth, Oregon
Riley, Oregon
Ripplebrook, Oregon
Ritter, Oregon
River Road, Oregon
Riverdale, Oregon
Rivergrove, Oregon
Riversdale, Oregon
Riverside, Oregon
Riverton, Oregon
Riverwood, Oregon
Roads End, Oregon
Roberts, Oregon
Robinette, Oregon
Robins Island, Oregon
Robinsonville, Oregon
Robinwood, Oregon
Rock Creek, Oregon
Rock Island, Oregon
Rockaway Beach, Oregon
Rockcreek, Oregon
Rockford, Oregon
Rockwood, Oregon
Rocky Island, Oregon
Rocky Point, Oregon
Rogue Elk, Oregon
Rogue River, Oregon
Rome, Oregon
Roosevelt Beach, Oregon
Rose Lodge, Oregon
Roseburg, Oregon
Roseburg North, Oregon
Rosedale, Oregon
Rosemont, Oregon
Rosewood, Oregon
Ross Island, Oregon
Round Prairie, Oregon
Rowena, Oregon
Royal, Oregon
Ruch, Oregon
Rufus, Oregon
Ruggs, Oregon
Rural Dell, Oregon
Russellville, Oregon
Russian Island, Oregon
Rutledge, Oregon
Rye Valley, Oregon
Saddle Rock, Oregon
Saginaw, Oregon
Saint Helens, Oregon
Saint Johns, Oregon
Saint Joseph, Oregon
Saint Louis, Oregon
Saint Paul, Oregon
Salem, Oregon
Salemtowne, Oregon
Salishan, Oregon
Salishan Beach, Oregon
Sams Valley, Oregon
San Marine, Oregon
Sand Island, Oregon
Sand Island (historical), Oregon
Sandlake, Oregon
Sandy, Oregon
Sandy Island, Oregon
Santa Clara, Oregon
Santiam Terrace, Oregon
Saunders Lake, Oregon
Sauvie Island, Oregon
Scappoose, Oregon
Scholls, Oregon
Schooner Rocks, Oregon
Scio, Oregon
Scotts Mills, Oregon
Scottsburg, Oregon
Sea Lion Rock, Oregon
Seal Island, Oregon
Seal Rock, Oregon
Seal Rocks, Oregon
Searose Beach, Oregon
Seaside, Oregon
Sellwood, Oregon
Selma, Oregon
Seneca, Oregon
Service Creek, Oregon
Seven Oaks, Oregon
Shadowood, Oregon
Shady Cove, Oregon
Shady Dell, Oregon
Shady Pine, Oregon
Shaniko, Oregon
Shaw, Oregon
Sheaville, Oregon
Shedd, Oregon
Shelburn, Oregon
Shell Island, Oregon
Sheridan, Oregon
Sherwood, Oregon
Shorewood, Oregon
Sidney, Oregon
Signal Island, Oregon
Siletz, Oregon
Siletz Keys, Oregon
Siltcoos, Oregon
Silver Lake, Oregon
Silverton, Oregon
Silvies, Oregon
Simnasho, Oregon
Sirius island, Oregon
Sisters, Oregon
Sisters Rocks, Oregon
Sitkum, Oregon
Six Corners, Oregon
Sixes, Oregon
Snag Island, Oregon
Snag Islands, Oregon
Sodaville, Oregon
Somerset West, Oregon
South Beach, Oregon
South Lake Oswego, Oregon
South Lebanon, Oregon
South Scappoose, Oregon
Southeast Black Rock, Oregon
Sow and Pigs, Oregon
Sparta, Oregon
Speaker, Oregon
Spitzenberg, Oregon
Spoos Mill, Oregon
Sprague River, Oregon
Spray, Oregon
Springbrook, Oregon
Springdale, Oregon
Springfield, Oregon
Springwater, Oregon
Square Rock, Oregon
Square White Rock, Oregon
Stafford, Oregon
Stahlbusch Island, Oregon
Stanfield, Oregon
Stapleton, Oregon
Starkey, Oregon
Starvation Heights, Oregon
Stayton, Oregon
Stayton Island, Oregon
Steamboat, Oregon
Steamboat Island, Oregon
Steamboat Rock, Oregon
Stella island, Oregon
Stephens, Oregon
Stewart Lenox, Oregon
Sublimity, Oregon
Submarine Rock, Oregon
Summer Lake, Oregon
Summerville, Oregon
Summit, Oregon
Sumner, Oregon
Sumpter, Oregon
Sunny Valley, Oregon
Sunnycrest, Oregon
Sunnydale, Oregon
Sunnyridge, Oregon
Sunnyside, Oregon
Sunriver, Oregon
Sunset, Oregon
Sunset Beach, Oregon
Suntex, Oregon
Suplee, Oregon
Surf Pines, Oregon
Surprise Valley, Oregon
Susanville, Oregon
Sutherlin, Oregon
Suver, Oregon
Suzy Island, Oregon
Svensen, Oregon
Svensen Island, Oregon
Svensen Junction, Oregon
Swan Island, Oregon
Sweet Home, Oregon
Swegle, Oregon
Swisshome, Oregon
Switzler Island (historical), Oregon
Sylvan, Oregon
Table Rock, Oregon
Taft, Oregon
Takilma, Oregon
Talbot, Oregon
Talent, Oregon
Tanasbourne, Oregon
Tangent, Oregon
Taylorville, Oregon
Techumtas Island (historical), Oregon
Telocaset, Oregon
Templeton, Oregon
Tenasillahe Island, Oregon
Tenmile, Oregon
Terminal City, Oregon
Terrebonne, Oregon
Tetherow, Oregon
The Dalles, Oregon
The Needles, Oregon
Thirtymile, Oregon
Thornberry, Oregon
Three Arch Rocks, Oregon
Three Forks, Oregon
Three Lynx, Oregon
Three Pines, Oregon
Three Rivers, Oregon
Three Rocks, Oregon
Thunder Island, Oregon
Thurston, Oregon
Tichenor Rock, Oregon
Tide, Oregon
Tideport, Oregon
Tidewater, Oregon
Tiernan, Oregon
Tierra Del Mar, Oregon
Tigard, Oregon
Tillamook, Oregon
Tillamook Rock, Oregon
Tiller, Oregon
Tillicum Beach, Oregon
Timber, Oregon
Timber Grove, Oregon
Tobias, Oregon
Toe Island, Oregon
Toketee Falls, Oregon
Toledo, Oregon
Tollgate, Oregon
Tolo, Oregon
Tolovana Park, Oregon
Tomahawk Island, Oregon
Tongue Point Village, Oregon
Tower Rock, Oregon
Tracy, Oregon
Trail, Oregon
Treharne, Oregon
Trenholm, Oregon
Trent, Oregon
Tri City, Oregon
Tri-City, Oregon
Tri-Club Island, Oregon
Triangle Lake, Oregon
Tronson Island, Oregon
Trout Creek, Oregon
Troutdale, Oregon
Troy, Oregon
Truax Island, Oregon
Tualatin, Oregon
Tumalo, Oregon
Turner, Oregon
Tutuilla, Oregon
Twelvemile Corner, Oregon
Twickenham, Oregon
Twin Rocks, Oregon
Twons, Oregon
Tyee, Oregon
Tygh Valley, Oregon
Ukiah, Oregon
Umapine, Oregon
Umatilla, Oregon
Umpqua, Oregon
Union, Oregon
Union Creek, Oregon
Union Gap, Oregon
Union Mills, Oregon
Uniontown, Oregon
Unionvale, Oregon
Unity, Oregon
University Park, Oregon
Upper Highland, Oregon
Upper Soda, Oregon
Utter Rock, Oregon
Valby, Oregon
Vale, Oregon
Valino Island, Oregon
Valley Falls, Oregon
Valley Junction, Oregon
Van, Oregon
Vaughn, Oregon
Veatch, Oregon
Venator, Oregon
Veneta, Oregon
Verboort, Oregon
Vermont Hills, Oregon
Vernonia, Oregon
Vida, Oregon
Villa Ridge, Oregon
Vinemaple, Oregon
Viola, Oregon
Voltage, Oregon
Wagontire, Oregon
Wakonda Beach, Oregon
Walden, Oregon
Waldport, Oregon
Walker, Oregon
Walker Island, Oregon
Wallace Island, Oregon
Wallowa, Oregon
Walrus Rocks, Oregon
Walterville, Oregon
Walton, Oregon
Wamic, Oregon
Wapanitia, Oregon
Wapinitia, Oregon
Warm Springs, Oregon
Warm Springs Indian Reservation, Oregon
Warren, Oregon
Warrendale, Oregon
Warrenton, Oregon
Wasco, Oregon
Wash Rock, Oregon
Waterloo, Oregon
Waterman, Oregon
Watts, Oregon
Wauna, Oregon
Waverly Heights, Oregon
Weatherby, Oregon
Weaver, Oregon
Wecoma Beach, Oregon
Wedderburn, Oregon
Weed Island, Oregon
Welch Island, Oregon
Welches, Oregon
Wells Island, Oregon
Wemme, Oregon
Wendling, Oregon
West Conical Rock, Oregon
West Haven, Oregon
West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon
West Linn, Oregon
West Portland, Oregon
West Portland Park, Oregon
West Saint Helens, Oregon
West Salem, Oregon
West Scio, Oregon
West Side, Oregon
West Slope, Oregon
West Stayton, Oregon
West Union, Oregon
West Woodburn, Oregon
Westfall, Oregon
Westfir, Oregon
Westlake, Oregon
Westlake Island, Oregon
Westmoreland, Oregon
Weston, Oregon
Westport, Oregon
Westwood Village, Oregon
Whalehead Island, Oregon
Whalen Island, Oregon
Wheatland, Oregon
Wheeler, Oregon
Wheeler Heights, Oregon
Whitaker, Oregon
Whitcomb Island, Oregon
White City, Oregon
White Rock, Oregon
Whiteson, Oregon
Whitford, Oregon
Whitwood Court, Oregon
Wilbur, Oregon
Wilderville, Oregon
Wildwood, Oregon
Wilhoit, Oregon
Wilkesboro, Oregon
Willamette, Oregon
Willamette City, Oregon
Willamette Heights, Oregon
Willamina, Oregon
Williams, Oregon
Willow Bar Islands, Oregon
Willow Island, Oregon
Willowcreek, Oregon
Willowdale, Oregon
Wilsonville, Oregon
Wimer, Oregon
Winberry, Oregon
Winchester, Oregon
Winchester Bay, Oregon
Wind Tree, Oregon
Windsor Island, Oregon
Wingville, Oregon
Winston, Oregon
Winterville, Oregon
Wiseman Island, Oregon
Witch Hazel, Oregon
Wizard Island, Oregon
Wolf Creek, Oregon
Wonder, Oregon
Wood Village, Oregon
Woodburn, Oregon
Woods, Oregon
Woodson, Oregon
Woodstock, Oregon
Woody Island, Oregon
Worden, Oregon
Wren, Oregon
Yachats, Oregon
Yamhill, Oregon
Yankton, Oregon
Yaquina, Oregon
Yellow Rock, Oregon
Yoder, Oregon
Yoncalla, Oregon
Yonna, Oregon
Young, Oregon
Zena, Oregon
Zigzag, Oregon
Zumwalt, Oregon
Zwagg Island, Oregon

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Up To 10 Negative Items
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  • Collections
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Unlimited Judgments
  • Public Records - Judgments
  • Auto Lates
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Live Score Client Portal

Credit Monkey creates and maintains an account within our Live Score Client Portal for all of our clients in Oregon. This dynamic tool allows our clients to access their scores 24/7, without putting any inquiries on the clients credit history. Plus, as we remove items, the client gets a chart of the new updated scores and may compare them to their old scores. 

Credit Monkey provides clients with our Credit Repair Oregon Training Academy, so that they may educate themselves on how to earn and maintain a high credit rating.

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150+ Reviews

Monika Z.

“It has been a huge pleasure with such ease and clarity in the short time we have started. In one months time we jumped 60 points moving from mid 600’s to 709 in our first updated credit report. We did everything they suggested and had great support from them as detailed questions arose for us. Looking forward to the next several months to get us to 750.”

75+ Reviews

Valerie W.

“Signed up last month with credit monkey, it was a quick process done all by the comfort of my own lap top. I got the plan for $299 a month they didn’t charge my account until after my first set of negitive items were sent. They are easy to reach, my scores did go up about 30 points but they are still working on it. when nicole helped me out she did Mention it was a 3/6 month”

Our Glorious Risk-Free Guarantee

The Credit Monkey 90 Day Guarantee

Oregon Credit Repair Guarantees Satisfaction. Once applicant(s) has been enrolled and the account is set up, for 6 months the applicant(s) must continue working in good faith with Credit Monkey for at least 6 months. After 6 months enrollment or 3 completed dispute cycles, applicant may request a refund if  3 or less items have not been removed within the first 3 cycles of disputes. 

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Having access to working capital when you need is important when running a business. Once you have a pre-approved limit, you can access funds at any time and only pay interest on the line of credit used. Benefit from monthly payments, a quick application process, and building business credit history. We make sure you build your business credit with over 14 vendor accounts as well as making sure you are established with a Dun # and More.

Vendor Accounts

We set you up with over 14 different vendor accounts to try to establish positive reporting to credit bureaus for business credit.

Duns # & Tax ID

We make sure to get you set up for a Tax Id # as well as a Duns # to make sure you can start building your business credit.

Unsecured Term Loan

Once we are done building your corporate credit then we can apply for credit cards and loans to get you funding up to $250,000


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License & Location:

  • Bonded And Licenses
  • Address505 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

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