5 Credit Tips That ACTUALLY WORK

Credit Tips – Tradelines 5 Credit Tips That ACTUALLY Work 😲

Tradelines – Credit Scores aren’t always perfect, and if yours is on the lower end then its best to make moves right away. For most people credit should be so important, you can’t just sit there and think it will go up on its own. Your credit can be repaired and adding tradelines will defiantly help keep your scores up there. Well there are stuff you have to do to boost your score and maintain it. Below are my Top 5 Credit Tips That ACTUALLY WORK.

Rule Number 1: Most people have negative items, its best that you fix that first. Its not easy work, but once you see a change in your credit you will think twice before missing a payment. To repair credit usually takes from 3-6 months but, you will see a change in the first 30 days. Credit Monkey has an outstanding program to remove only the negative items. It will work through removing those negative accounts on your credit report through reporting errors and inconsistencies. The secret is that more negative items on your credit report means the lower your credit score is, and if your score is low chances are you are not able to get tradelines.

Rule Number 2: It’s important to reduce your credit utilization. Meaning if you have a credit card that has a limit of $7,000 try to only use 25% ($1750). Try not to max out ANY credit cards. Not only you will be saving on interest, you will also see your credit scores rise because of your depth to ratio.

Rule Number 3: Add Tradelines – Some credits just have a small issue of lacking age, and adding a Tradeline will defiantly help you. The higher limit the tradeline has and the older it is the higher your credit will be. To add a tradeline you should have at least 3 open positive accounts, between your own accounts and AU tradelines.

Rule Number 4: Add Primary Tradelines, through researching i found the following companies a great catch to start with tradelines. Do not buy tradelines from the black market or craigslist. Yes, you might need to spend a little of your own money to get the ball rolling, but you will be happy with the results. below are the only companies that I would spend money at to get a primary tradeline in your name:

Rule Number 5: Don’t run your credit like its nothing, running credit adds inquires to your credit report and that not only doesn’t look good, but it also drops your credit score.