Your Role in Credit Repair

Credit repair can improve your credit scores and even transform your financial life. But there is more involved with successful credit repair than the removal of derogatory information from your credit reports. In fact, a one-dimensional dispute-only approach to credit repair is almost certain to be disappointing. It is for this reason that we counsel our customers about the process of optimizing their scores. If you join our program we want you to be happy about the results, and this usually means that you must participate in the process. There may be a little bit of work involved, but it is worth it.

Three Dimensional Credit Repair

When we get started with a new credit repair customer we evaluate their credit profile. Identifying questionable derogatory information is only part of the process. We will also be looking for credit deficiencies and credit score optimization opportunities. Credit deficiencies most often include a lack of mainstream revolving accounts. Credit score optimization opportunities are various and may include debt reduction, closing selected accounts to achieve a more score friendly balance, and tips for managing existing debt. While it is our job to identify derogatory information, manage the dispute process with the credit bureaus, find deficiencies, and spot score improvement options, you must play your role as well.

A Scientific Approach is Needed

If we determine that you have a credit deficiency and need to open new secured credit cards we will provide you with the best sources available and instruct you carefully on getting the accounts open and managing them for maximum score benefit, but you must follow through. There was a time when it was enough to pay your bills on time. If you were able to do this your credit would be great. That is no longer the case. Credit repair success now requires a scientific approach to credit management. We will help you understand your role in getting your credit scores as high as they can be, and how to keep them there.