Why Credit Monkey

Credit Monkey - Credit Repair

Credit Monkey Versus Standard Credit Repair Companies’

Typical credit repair companies:

  • They charge thousands of dollars for credit repair
  • They have set u pay for startup costs or set up fees
  • Takes them over 6 months to fix credit
  • Takes a lot of going back and forth “credit specialists”
  • They don’t offer guarentees

How we do things differently:

  • $0 enrollment.  Only, $99 Monthly to start for credit repair.
  • We have no set up cost
  • We don’t charge thousands of dollars only $99 Monthly
  • We walk you threw setting up 5 Active Credit Accounts
  • We dispute the negative items fast (Electronically)
  • We don’t need to have any phone calls we are all automated
  • We will notify you of all changes in your credit monthly
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How can your credit score impact you?

A single mistake on your credit report could decrease your credit score by as much as 120 points severely affecting your ability to get a car loan, home mortgage, or low interest rate credit card. Credit repair can resolve all your issues.

Credit Monkey - Credit Repair

Don’t let mistakes on your credit report prevent you from getting the things you need to succeed. A negatively impacted credit score can mean the difference between being approved or declined for the credit you need.

  • Forget About other credit repair companies charge thousands
  • Immediately start raising your credit score
  • Qualify for loans and lower interest rates
  • Get auto loans and mortgages approved
  • $0 enrollment.  Only, $99 Monthly to start 
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How does  work?

  1.  We remove your negative items from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax which will increase your scores once you sign up with credit repair.
  2. We also sent you steps on how to increase your scores with 5-10 active credit accounts while we repair your credit.
  3. We offer credit repair rebuild programs which you can then apply for and get approved help you re-establish your credit.

Using Our Super Dispute Powers Software, We instantly start fighting negative items on your report, and will continue to do so as long as you remain a  member. There are only seven simple steps to get started:

  • Sign up for a Credit Monkey account
  • Log Into Secured Client Access
  • Set Up Identity IQ
  • Upload Your DocumentsSecured Client Access
  • Sign you e digital agreement
  • Complete Your Monthly Payments Option
  • Open 5 – 10 Active Credit Accounts
Get Started Credit Repair
Credit Monkey - Credit Repair
Credit Monkey - Credit Repair