When Credit Scores Change

Scores and Content

The content of your report changes whenever creditor, collector, or public records information is updated. Scores are calculated only as they are requested, or “on demand” and the calculation will include whatever information exists on your report at that moment.

Reporting and Timing

If you are making material changes as part of your credit repair program that will have an impact on your credit scores, such as reducing revolving balances or paying collections, it is important to know that although the changes will be included in your credit score calculation the very moment the bureaus have the new information, it can take time for the creditor or collector to report the information to the bureaus.

Quick Score Updates

If the focus of your credit repair effort is to qualify for a mortgage and you must have your credit scores reflect recent changes without delay, there is a method called Rapid Rescore that can force the bureaus to reflect the changes – virtually instantly.