What is Included in Credit Scores

Categories and Their Weight

Per Fair Isaac, the data on your credit report can be grouped into five categories. Each of these categories carries a certain amount of weight in the calculation of your credit score, and each can be employed in your credit repair effort.

The Whole Picture Matters

It is important to know that the calculation of your score takes the entire content of your report into consideration and the FICO scoring algorithm is capable of shifting the weight it puts on an item based on your overall credit profile. This means that, although a particular category of data is stated to carry a certain amount of weight, in practice it may be less or more.

The categories and stated importance of each are as follows:

  • Payment History – 35%
  • Amounts Owned – 30%
  • Length of History – 15%
  • New Credit – 10%
  • Types of Credit Used – 10%

Credit Repair Opportunities

The next five sections of the tutorial will explore the above categories and the score-boosting credit repair opportunities offered by each.