The Benefits of Credit Repair

Our credit repair program can deliver many benefits, including loan approval, lower interest rates, and that nice feeling that comes from having great credit, but it may also provide wonderful benefits in other areas of your life.

Credit Repair and Employment

Ten years ago it was rare for an employer to investigate prospective employees’ credit. There were certain industries, like banking, that were exceptions, but generally it was not a common practice. Today it is likely that an employer will run your credit prior to making a hiring decision. If the job has multiple applicants of otherwise equal qualifications the quality of your credit report could very well become the deciding factor. You may not look for work on a regular basis, but when the time comes your investment in credit repair services could end up paying dividends for many years to come.

Credit Repair and Insurance

Here is a potentially huge credit repair benefit. Most people don’t think of the impact of their credit on insurance costs, but it could cost you a bundle. Auto and home insurance companies now use your credit reports to underwrite and price your insurance applications. You may end up paying a significant premium for coverage, or even getting denied. And if you are denied for auto or home owners insurance, you may be forced to shop amongst sub-prime insurers, the insurance companies of last resort; this can be very costly.

Credit Repair and Existing Credit Cards

It’s all in the fine print. Existing credit card creditors have the ability to look at your credit report from time to time. This sounds innocent enough at first, but over the last two years millions of people have been blind-sided by sudden credit card rate increases and limit reductions based on changes in the payment history on other accounts. This is a very controversial issue that will be addressed in upcoming legislation. The outcome in uncertain, but the issue underlines the all-encompassing importance of credit repair.