Self Credit Repair

Do it yourself credit repair can be very satisfying and rewarding if done right. At Sky Blue we have supported the DYI credit repair community for years. We take hundreds of calls each month from people looking for reliable advice. We also offer a wealth of handy DYI information on our popular credit repair blog.

The Key to Credit Repair Success

Many people make the mistake of jumping into the task of credit repair without educating themselves. The key to credit repair success is know-how. Our favorite do it yourself credit repair book, which we recommend regularly, starts with a warning that you should not begin your effort without reading the whole book first. The book is over five hundred pages long. Feel free to call us for the title.

Essential Knowledge

Credit repair is not rocket science, but it does require a working knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and access to relevant FTC Staff Opinion Letters issued to provide practical guidance. In addition, you must have a reasonable understanding of the FICO credit scoring model. And if you have any active collections you should understand your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You will also need to know any statutes of limitation that apply to the debts in question.

Credit Repair Done Right

Without all of the tools it is quite possible that your credit repair effort will do more damage than good. If you would like help getting your credit repair project started please feel free to call us for a free chat. We will help you build a list of practical resources that will adequately support your effort.

Call for Help

And if all of this is more than you have time to manage just give a call. Should you choose to hire us for the important job of cleaning up your credit and improving your scores you can rest assured that will treat your credit like our own.