Recovering From Hard Times

It can be hard to face your credit after a period of financial difficulty, but there is nothing more important. Take the first step and you will discover that progress can be quick – and very satisfying! Our credit repair program offers an intelligent way to clean up errors, build new accounts, and get your reports in great shape.

Clean Up Reporting Errors

One of the unfortunate quirks of the credit reporting system is that errors are most likely to occur on the reports of people who have had legitimate problems. Defaulted accounts are often moved to a different servicing department increasing the probability of mistakes, and once in the hands of a collector numerous issues can occur. Collectors are supposed to stop reporting if they sell your debt, but they rarely do. Hence, more than half of all reported collections are reported erroneously. Credit repair can eliminate these score harming errors, and more.

Build New Credit

If a period of financial difficulty has left you without any open accounts, you should rebuild without delay. The best way to rebuild is with credit cards. Credit rebuilding is an absolutely essential ingredient in any truly effective credit repair program. Many people are tempted to wait until their credit recovers before applying for new credit cards, but this is a mistake. The score benefits of new credit cards can take up to 6 months to realize, so it is best to start sooner, rather than later. If you can’t get approved for standard cards, get secured cards, they are the perfect credit repair tool.

Stabilize Your Finances

Once you embark on your credit repair project you will want to make sure that your finances are stable enough to avoid a recurrence of late payments in the future. Review your finances, create a budget, and start a savings plan. It’s okay if your savings plan starts out small; the key is to get started. If unexpected expenses arise you will have a buffer in place that will insure that you don’t fall behind on payments and that your credit repair success is safe.

Talk to Us

Let us review your credit reports and identify all of the questionable issues. We will find all of the reporting errors that are not compliant and challenge them with the credit bureaus. A little bit of credit repair can make a world of difference.