Proper Use of a Fraud Alert

You have the right to insert a message on your credit reports requesting that any prospective creditors contact you by phone prior to extending credit. This is a useful credit repair tool for anyone who is concerned about someone applying for credit in their name. This is a highly recommend precautionary measure. It is easy, it is free, and it can be cancelled at any time. But a fraud alert is not a watertight solution.

Fraud Alert Downside

Unfortunately, creditors can miss and even ignore a fraud alert. Should this happen you could still become a victim of identity theft and need to rely on more elaborate credit repair solutions to extricate yourself. If you have a real reason to believe that you might be a target of identity theft there are other, more certain solutions you should consider.

Credit Freeze

The credit bureaus offer a credit protection option called a credit freeze. This will actually make it impossible for a potential creditor to access your credit report, so unless a creditor is willing to extend credit without running your credit there will be no way for anyone to open credit in your name. This is a severe step and is not available in every state. In addition, there may be fees involved with placing and lifting a credit freeze. You should contact the credit bureaus to discuss the issue. Or if you are a member of our credit repair service we will guide you through the process.

Credit Monitoring

One additional measure that should give you comfort is credit monitoring. There are quite a few credit monitoring options available online, including those offered by the three credit bureaus. Once you join a credit monitoring service you will be able to receive email notification anytime there is activity on your credit report, including inquiries. A comforting credit repair solution!