Preserving Credit Scores

Credit Repair Insurance

Once your credit repair efforts are underway you will want to take steps to maintain and support your hard earned success.

Join a Monitoring Service

One of the best tools available to protect your credit repair progress is a good monitoring service. All three of the credit bureaus offer well priced credit monitoring services on a membership basis. These services will notify you by email whenever there is any change to your credit, including inquiries, new accounts, and any material changes to existing accounts. In addition, you should have access to a complete updated tri-merged report on a monthly basis.

An Ounce of Prevention

Credit reporting errors do happen. And it is not unusual after the completion of a credit repair program for an occasional deleted collection account to reappear in the hands of a new collector. This is built into the system. But if you are enrolled in a monitoring service you will be alerted immediately of such events so you can address them right away.