Perfect 850 Credit Score

Patience Pays

FICO scores range from 300 to 850. Credit repair can boost your scores, often in a reasonably short period of time. But if you have aspirations for real credit score perfection – if you want to crack the 800 mark – you will need both patience and finesse. Here is a sample profile of a near perfect 835 FICO score.

  • One mortgage over 5 years old
  • One auto loan over 2 years old
  • Five mainstream credit cards, over 2 years old all with less than 20 percent of the available credit utilized
  • No store cards

Reaching the Goal

Does this credit profile seem out of range? Don’t despair. There are many credit report repair techniques you can use right now to make your score very acceptable, and even downright great. Keep your revolving balances low, avoid store cards and consumer debt, avoid too many inquiries, clean up that credit report, and hang in there – you will succeed!