Credit Repair – An Intelligent Alternative

Credit problems can cause you to pay higher interest rates – or keep you from getting a loan. Credit problems can affect your employment opportunities, your ability to obtain insurance, and even your ability to rent an apartment. But you do not have to live with bad credit. The Credit Monkey Program offers an intelligent alternative, a way of eliminating harmful errors on your credit reports, and of getting the best out of your credit scores.

Curing Your Errors

Credit reporting errors are common. And many errors are hard to identify without knowledge of the laws that that govern the credit reporting industry and its participants. Our credit repair tutorial will expose you to some of the legislation that provides the leverage that makes credit repair so effective.

Optimizing Your Scores

There are many factors that can affect your credit scores, some are a matter of common sense and others are technical. Our tutorial will explore many of the ways you can optimize your scores and make your credit look as attractive as possible to prospective lenders, employers, insurers, landlords – and you!

Welcome to Our Tutorial

Welcome to the Sky Blue Credit Repair Tutorial. We hope that the pages that follow will illuminate the subject of credit repair, its legal environment, and the mechanism of credit scoring. Your credit matters. You can do something about it. We hope that you will be inspired to take action today.