Identity Theft and You

Section 605B

If you have been a victim of identity theft you may want to implement one of the more powerful credit repair techniques offered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Blocking Information

Section 605B of the FCRA allows you to block information resulting from identity theft. This is a very quick credit repair solution, but should be considered only after determining that the problem with your credit report is not the result of a more innocent cause, like a file merger error (see the next section).

The Rules

You may block the reporting of accounts caused by identity theft by furnishing:

  • Your identity
  • A copy of a police report describing the incident
  • The identification of subject accounts
  • A statement that the items identified are not related to any transaction of yours

The Outcome

Once the credit bureaus have received your request and the required documentation they are required to block the identified items within 4 business days, at which point an investigation will commence.