Identity Theft and Credit Repair

Our credit repair services offer a quick solution to identity theft. But before you utilize this powerful tool make sure the unidentified accounts on your report are not just a case of a less threatening file merger error.

Variance Allowance

File merger errors can occur when someone has similar identifying characteristics. The credit bureaus allow for a certain variance in the data they use to pull your file, and so when someone else has the critical number of similar identifying characteristics their file may be mixed with yours. There is a quick credit repair resolution to this and is as simple as asking the credit bureaus to block the other party from your report.

Identity Theft and the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Identity theft, on the other hand, is much more serious and requires a swift and decisive credit repair response. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (Section 605B) requires that the credit bureaus block the reporting of all accounts that you have indicated are the result of identity theft, and they must do so within four business days of getting your request. The procedure is exacting, but effective. Just follow the instructions.

Step by Step Credit Repair Solution

To block fraudulent information from reporting on your credit report you must provide and Identity Theft, or Police Report, clear proof of your identity, identification of all suspect accounts on your report, and a statement that the accounts in question are not yours and are not the result of any transaction made by you. We also suggest that you get this statement notarized. If you are in our credit repair program and feel that you have been a victim of identity theft, please let us know and we will guide you through the credit repair solution in the most efficient manner.

A Warning

It should also be noted that the use of this credit repair solution is serious business. The disputed accounts will be investigates and criminal charges may be filed. So think before acting and under no circumstances should this be used except in the case of fraudulent use of your identity.