How To Guide

Our easy-to-read “how-to” articles are designed to brighten your path and insure that you get the credit repair results you deserve. Just scroll down and select a subject of interest to you. If you need help or information specific to your situation please feel free to email us at

How to Build a Budget

Budget is not a dirty word. You may experience some stress as you begin to organize your finances, but before long you will feel a great sense of empowerment.

How to Get Your Credit Reports

Credit reports are not all created equal. The right credit report can make your credit repair project easier and more fruitful. Give yourself every advantage you can.

How to Start Credit Repair

Are you ready for credit repair? If your finances are stable and you are ready to commit to the process you will succeed!

How to Increase Your Credit Scores Fast

Do you need to get your credit scores up in a hurry? Here are some credit repair strategies you can use to get the results you need.

How to Save for Credit Repair Success

In the long run your credit repair success depends on a stable financial life. And there is nothing more important than a healthy savings account.

How to Prepare for a Mortgage

Are you planning to apply for a mortgage? You must plan your credit repair strategy very carefully. Every detail matters!

How to Deal With a Collection Letter

Getting a collection letter can be scary, but it can also represent a great credit repair opportunity. Here is what you need to know.

How to Validate Debt for Credit Repair

If you have received a collection letter debt validation is a great credit repair tool that can help you resolve the issue.

How to Stop a Collector with Credit Repair

You have the right to control how, and even if a collector contacts you. These credit repair techniques will put you in control.

How to Manage Your Credit Cards

Watch those credit card balances. Proper credit card management is absolutely essential to your credit repair success.

How to Fix Your Student Loans

Are your student loans in default? There are credit repair options available that can stop collection activity and make repayment affordable.

How to Rebuild Your Credit Fast

If hard times have left you with no open accounts, now is the time to rebuild. Don’t delay, your credit repair success depends on it.

How to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy

If you have had a bankruptcy discharged now is the time for action. A little credit repair can make a big difference.

How to Employ Authorized User Accounts

Authorized user accounts can boost your credit scores quickly. But there are cautions. Here are our thoughts on the matter.

How to Get the Most Out of Credit Repair

We will take care of the credit bureaus, but there are a variety of things you must do if you want to get the best credit repair results.

How to Deal With Creditors

Your credit repair efforts are usually best focused on the credit bureaus, but there are cases where you should contact the creditor.

How to Protect Your Identity

Here are the credit repair techniques you can use to protect yourself against fraudulent use of your identity.

How to Cure Identity Theft with Credit Repair

Identity theft can be alarming, but there is a credit repair solution that can cure the problem in a matter of days.

How to Manage Inquiries with Credit Repair

Do you have inquiries that you don’t recognize? Inquiries are not always what they seem. Check this out before taking action.

How to Handle Frivolous Letters

Section 611 of the FCRA allows the credit bureaus to reject credit repair disputes if they deem them to be “frivolous”.

How to Get Credit Repair Timing Right

Successful credit repair requires some careful timing. Let’s make sure that your credit scores are there when you need them!

How to Avoid Credit Repair Errors

A little bit of finesse can make the difference between credit repair success and failure. Here are a few common errors to avoid.

How to Preserve Your Credit Repair Results

Your credit repair results are very important and should be preserved. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your success.