How to Get Your FICO Scores

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Whether you are starting your credit repair effort or preparing for a loan application and want to know where you stand, getting your FICO scores is a bit of a task.

A Nice Dream

In our dream of the perfect world all three FICO scores would be readily and inexpensively available. There would be no confusion over which score is used by lenders, and which is not. And if one day lenders decide to use Vantage, or some other credit score instead of FICO, consumers would be given easy access to the new score of choice. It is a nice dream.

Your FICO Choices

For the moment, obtaining your FICO scores is somewhat problematic. You may purchase your Equifax and TransUnion FICO scores directly from the Fair Isaac website, You will not be able to purchase your Experian FICO score from Fair Isaac due to legal and financial disagreements between the two companies. You can also obtain your Equifax FICO score from At the moment there is no way to purchase your Experian FICO score.

FICO UPDATE August 2013

FICO is now offering all three bureau scores (including the previously excluded Experian score) via their website.

FICO UPDATE August 2016

Real FICO scores for all three bureaus are now available from Experian and a number of Experian affiliated sites which sell three-bureau reports.

The Mortgage Option

If you have started credit repair with the intention of getting a mortgage in the near future you might consider contacting your mortgage broker or lender to be pre-qualified. They will run your credit and should be able to tell you all three of your FICO scores. They may even be willing to provide a copy of the credit report for your records. The credit inquiry will have a small impact on your scores, but you will have your FICO scores!