How to Get FICO Scores

It’s a Challenge

At the moment there are a few ways to get your FICO scores. You can purchase your TransUnion and Equifax FICO scores (Experian no longer allows the sale of its FICO score to consumers) at, the website of Fair Isaac. Or you can purchase your Equifax FICO score from But if you want all three of your credit scores – either to benchmark your credit repair progress, or to preview your score prior to applying for a loan, you are out of luck – unless you know a friendly mortgage broker or auto finance manager that will do you a favor.

FICO UPDATE August 2013

FICO is now offering all three bureau scores (including the previously excluded Experian score) via their website.

FICO UPDATE August 2016

Real FICO scores for all three bureaus are now available from Experian and a number of Experian affiliated sites which sell three-bureau reports.

A Note About Score Differences

If you have looked at your FICO scores you might have noticed that all three scores differ. There are three reasons for this. First, many creditors do not report to all three bureaus. Second, each bureau processes creditor information at different times. And third, Fair Isaac modifies the software from time to time, and the bureaus do not all implement the new version concurrently. It is important, in any credit repair effort, to examine and address each credit bureau individually.