How to Dispute Credit Report Information

We provide several ways to dispute information on your credit report.


  • Get access to your Experian Credit Report and initiate a dispute through the online Dispute Center. Start the process online or from your mobile device.
  • You do not need a report number to submit a dispute through our online Dispute Center. If you already have a paper copy of your report from Experian, and you want to contact us to get assistance with your dispute, call the number on your Report and reference the report number (near your name on your paper report) to get quicker access.


  • To submit a dispute by phone please call the number displayed on your credit report to speak with an agent. To request a copy of your personal credit report to be delivered by U.S. mail, call 1 866 200 6020.


  • You can dispute without a credit report by writing to Experian, P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013.
  • You can reference our Dispute by Mail PDF. This form can be mailed to us or scanned and then uploaded to

Tips for Disputing Online

Viewing your Experian Credit Report Online and submitting a dispute through our online Dispute Center is the easiest way to correct a potential inaccuracy on your Experian Credit Report.

These steps will help you to complete the process:

  1. Start a New Dispute from the Dispute Center
    The Experian online Dispute Center is your source for correcting information on your report that you believe to be incomplete or inaccurate. The Dispute Center contains content and education to help you understand the dispute process. Click on the “Start a new dispute” to view your Credit Report and select an item to dispute.
  2. View Your Report
    Your Experian Credit Report is divided into four sections: Personal Information, Accounts, Inquiries and Public Records. If you have information that could be hurting your credit, that information will be included under an additional Potentially Negative section on your Report. Each section has a description of the information contained within, and you can click on a particular item to see the details. If you see something that you believe is inaccurate, click on the Dispute button for that item.
  3. Select the Reason for Your Dispute
    For each item you wish to dispute, select a reason from the dropdown box. When you select a reason you will see detailed information about the specific reason you are selecting. We will let you know if that reason cannot be submitted online and provide instructions for that dispute. For accounts or public record disputes, you can also enter comments to explain your reasons for disputing.
  4. Review and Submit Your Dispute
    You can review the items you have added to your dispute request and make changes if needed. You can also add any additional items that you would like to dispute. Once your dispute has been submitted, we will present a confirmation page upon successful dispute submission. If you wish to provide supporting documentation for your dispute, select the “Upload a document” link on the confirmation page.
  5. The Dispute Process
    Experian will send you alerts via email to confirm the dispute was opened, whenever there is an update about your dispute, and when your dispute results are available. You can also view your dispute alerts in the main “Alerts” section of the Dispute Center. Once completed, your dispute results will be available under the Completed section of the Dispute Center. If necessary as part of the dispute process, Experian will reach out to the data furnisher (the entity that originally provided the information) to verify the information you are disputing. Generally all disputes are resolved within 30 days. Please note that information verified as accurate cannot be removed from your credit report.