How Credit Scores are Used

The Value of Credit Repair

Credit repair serves a practical purpose. It is wonderfully satisfying to have a clean report and respectable scores, but the real payoff of successful credit repair is more than aesthetic. Your credit scores are about money and access.


In recent years more and more employers have begun to check credit scores prior to making hiring decisions. And it is not unheard of for employers to check credit scores on existing employees demanding that they meet certain minimum score requirements to remain employed.

Rental Opportunities

Landlords and rental communities check credit as a standard part of their tenant screening process. As this practice has become commonplace, those with credit issues have often found themselves struggling to find acceptable housing.

Insurance Costs

Home and auto insurers, almost without exception, incorporate credit scores in their underwriting and pricing formula. The quality of your credit can make a dramatic difference in your monthly insurance premiums.

Credit Repair Makes the Difference

You have every reason in the world to care about your credit. Credit repair can help insure that your credit reports are error-free and that your scores are as healthy as possible.