OUR $1000 

Credit Monkey, was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s 5,000 fastest growing companies 5 years running, is a financial technology firm.

Starting 10/01/2018, we will no longer have up front fee’s. The first 30 days are on the house!!! That’s right, no payments are due up front and your first payment isn’t due until 30 days after sign up. We look at ourselves more of a tech firm that is in the credit repair industry than a credit repair company as a whole.  We are all tech driven results. No mailing of dispute letters.  No paperwork. No faxing. No emailing. No scanning.  So, we offer our promise to you.

Credit Monkey promise to you is as follows:

#1. Same day service (within 24 hrs of sign-up).

#2. We back up our services with a $1000 guaranteed refund policy. Yes, $1000 will be refunded to you if we don’t do our job.

#3. Permanent removals. (Meaning, when we remove an account, it will NEVER show back up at a later date, EVER). Real time credit tracking software that allows you to track the status of every account on all 3 credit bureaus. (Our software is synced directly to the credit bureaus and is FCRA compliant).

#4. If you are looking to purchase a home or a new car/truck, we will guarantee score approval or your money back! The pressure is all on us to perform. Our promise to you is unmatched in this industry. As a matter of fact, our competitors are too afraid to back up the quality of their services like we do. Others claim to be “the best” or “#1” in this industry, but they have ZERO proof to back up those claims. None. So, we ask the questions. What kind of gimmicks are they hiding from you? Are they really giving you what you have paid for? We know the answer and the answer is NO, because they won’t guarantee their results like we do.

The decision is all yours. You may choose to get scammed by our competitors or you can sign up with us at very minimal costs and have it backed by our refund policy. Again, we are doing things in this industry that have never been done before. Choose the leaders. After all, it’s your credit. Choose wisely.

Processed Over 1.2 Million disputes