Finding Credit Reporting Errors

PIRG Studies

Credit reporting errors are quite commonplace. According to a series of studies conducted by the U.S. PIRGs (Public Interest Research Groups) 79% of all credit reports contain errors. Some errors have little impact on the victims, but 60% of reports reviewed contained errors that were serious enough for the victims to pay premium interest rates on loans, or even to be denied for credit.

A Hard Truth

To make things more troublesome, errors tend to be even more common on the reports of people that have had genuine credit issues in the past. In other words, credit repair tends to be most critical for those who can afford errors the least.

Remain Vigilant

Given the systemic nature of credit reporting errors it is appropriate that you remain alert. Once your credit repair program is complete you should monitor your credit on a regular basis. If new errors arise, as they may from time to time, you will be able to deal with them promptly.