Customer Reviews


“…What can I say, I’m really impressed with their service. After using Lexington Law for a while things kept coming back to my credit so I decided to give Credit Monkey a try.

I’m blown away with their service! I can’t believe they deleted all my collections.

I’m at 670 credit score and I applied for a credit card which was approved with a credit line of 8,000 dollars. Before this, I’ve never had a credit card limit higher than 300.

It takes discipline and patience but you can get there. Right now my wife and I are looking for a house to buy – our dream come true.

Thanks Credit Monkey – Im forever grateful.

Thanks also to Christine for taking such a good care of me!”


“For the past 3 years I have been subject to crazy high interest rates on automobiles, denied home loans, and even unable to move into a decent apartment all because of a broken lease that should not have existed. With the aid of Credit Monkey, after a few months I have been absolved of my blemishes. I had spoken to other attorneys about resolution only to be met with ‘Maybe, Probably, and likelys’. These were much cheaper but I was unwilling to deal with someone who had no spine or faith in their own work. But, after just a few minutes of speaking with Steve Tansey it was green lights. He opened with a disclaimer, ‘you may not get the result you want’ but I can and will get this taken care of.

They gave me a realistic timeframe of six months on the high side. It took only four months to resolve. He had confidence, he let me when exactly where in the process things stood, and what to expect moving forward. He gave me additional advice on how to continue to further grow and his personal number. He responded to calls outside of working hours and I didn’t wait days for responses on e-mails. Steve Tansey is the man you need to oversee your situation. There was no uncertainty in his voice, there was not a grey area to answers, but, there was a report with a defect and score of 680 that transitioned to a blemish free 751. Credit Monkey Call them.”


“I am so elated about the progress of my credit score. I’ve never written a review before and never really anticipated on writing one but I am so overjoyed about the results that I’ve received from White Jacobs & Associates and couldn’t keep it to myself.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t taught about financial responsibility nor credit so this led to me making poor financial decisions and bad debt management. For so long I wanted credit guidance but refused to invest in a credit repair company because I felt as though I could of done it myself. In addition, I also thought that credit repair companies were scammers and wasn’t worth the investment. After working with Credit Monkey I know realize I was SO wrong!

My entire adult life, I have been penalized and paid extra in interest due to my poor credit, low 500’s. The breaking point for me was in September, I needed a new car and couldn’t get financing or lower than 22%. I knew at that point, something had to change. After researching several companies and reading reviews for other companies, someone mentioned White Jacobs and Associates in their post. So I begin to research them and read some really great reviews. Yet, I was still skeptical but decided to make the phone call out of curiosity.

From the moment I spoke with Jennifer, I was impressed by his patience, knowledge, and genuine concern. Yet, I was still skeptical. After that initial conversation, I realized I gotta do something different to get something different. So I called Woody back and moved forward in the process in October. Although, I was forewarned by Woody that it is a process and can take so time, I still wanted immediate gratification. After 2 months of no results, I became skeptical once again. I reached out to Woody just last week after Christmas and asked him what’s going on? He assured me that they’re working on it and sometimes the bureaus take time to update. Due to receiving letters from creditors, I knew they were working on it but I felt like it wasn’t happening fast enough so once again, I was skeptical.

On yesterday, New Year’s Day I received an email from a credit monitoring company that I use saying my score has changed and log in to see the changes. When I logged in and saw my credit score on the 1st of the year in the mid 600’s, I started crying. I just feel like this is going to be a great year and I am on my way to meeting my goals of a house, a car, and lower interest rates. In fact, since I’m off for the holidays, I’m looking for old bills to pay because I don’t want anything to hit my credit to knock it back down. This is just the beginning, only 2 months into program and seeing results. Can’t wait until the end result!!! Thank you Credit Monkey”


“These guys are INCREDIBLE! My words cannot express my gratitude! They were up front and forward with pricing and do NOT try to sell you other programs nor did they EVER steer me wrong. They got to work immediately, I didn’t have to talk to ANY collectors or creditors ANYMORE! On top of that, they even advised when a good time to get a credit card was AND helped finding one that would work with me, I was approved in less than 5 min with Capital One. AMAZING! Just keep sending them the correspondence from the credit bureaus and creditors and these guys will do the rest! I, personally, had the distinct pleasure of working with Will and after a few months we ran my score again…my jaw dropped to the floor! Top notch, guys! I would HIGHLY recommend White Jacobs & Associates to anyone needing help with their credit score, for whatever reasons. They will GET-IT-DONE!”


“My bad credit has been bringing me down my entire life. I made bad decisions when I was younger that hurt my credit and had some medical emergencies that I couldn’t afford. Because of all of this I have always paid hefty deposits for my apartments, my insurance has always been expensive, my interest rate on my vehicles have always been 16% or higher, and I even got turned down for a job a few years ago. I guess I just got used to it. I thought this is how life is. This was my punishment.


“I began working with Derek in the summer. I have been impressed with how quickly my credit improved and transparency of the process. The communication has been great. Derek set the expectations for the process upfront and a few months later everything that was expected has gone accordingly. My credit has tremendously improved which allows me the ability to make choices when obtaining financed vs. being only given the terms I qualify for…”


“What an amazing company to have on your side! I had an issue with an unscrupulous collection company that had reported a collection on me that unfortunately severely compromised my credit score. My fiance and I were trying to buy a house and I needed my credit to come up tremendously in order to get the best rate for us.


“Worth every penny! So pleased with my results! Joe helped where Lexington Law could not. I wish I would have started with them a long time ago. My score improved more than 100+ points with each credit bureau. I was in the mid 500s and for the first time ever I’m in the 700s. I highly recommend this firm!”


“In Nov 2017 I was referred to and hired “Credit Monkey” to fix my credit. I signed a contract with a builder and gave a deposit down trusting their words. I don’t regret a minute of it. These guys know what they are doing, very experienced. They prepare you, and work with you. You just have to listen and do what they say and the chips will fall where they belong. I’m proof of this. For me, you can’t put a price on fixing my credit because I know their are plenty out there that don’t come through after you pay up but Mike came through as he said. These guys not only know what they are doing their passion to help people is even deeper. I went from a 580 to over 640 by March 2018 and closing on my house April 25th 2018. I am an entrepreneur and They helped me accomplish the American dream alone as a single woman. I will refer them for life, just saying.”