Credit Scores Not Included

Why You Want Your Scores

There are many reasons you might want to see your credit scores. If you are starting a credit repair program, you may wish to set a benchmark for your progress. And on a practical note, if there is a problem that can be addressed, it is best to know about it before making a loan application – rather than from a lender in the form of a denial.

Reports Without Scores

Much depends on your credit scores, yet it is neither simple nor easy to get them. This is an unfortunate reality. The FACT Act, passed in 2003 as an amendment to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, allows consumers to obtain a free credit report once every twelve months from each of the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. As nice as this may be, these reports do not include your scores. And, unless you are trained, a review of your reports alone is not likely to reveal the subtle issues capable of influencing your scores.