Credit Repair – What it is Not

Credit repair may be the solution that you are looking for. Professional credit repair can clean up erroneous items on your credit report, help you rebuild your credit, and boost your scores dramatically. But credit repair is not the solution for everything.

Do You Have Payment Problems?

Credit Repair is not Debt Consolidation. If you are having trouble keeping up with your current obligations credit repair is not for you. There is little value in cleaning up old derogatory information on your report while new derogatory information appears anew each month. If you are in financial straits right now you need to do whatever is necessary to stabilize yourself before considering credit Repair. Debt consolidation and consumer credit counseling are both valid alternatives that you might examine; both are designed to structure affordable repayment plans with existing creditors.

Are Collectors Calling?

Credit repair is not an alternative to bankruptcy. If hard times have left you with a pile of debt and collectors are calling you may be a candidate for bankruptcy. You should contact an attorney to discuss your options right away. Credit repair should not be seen as a way to eliminate legitimate debt. If you examine your reports and question the validity of the collection accounts you see, by all means dispute them! But if you know for a fact that they are authentic you must consider other options.

How About You?

What is your story? If you have questions about the value that credit repair might provide for you please feel free to call us. We will be happy to review your credit reports and evaluate your needs. Good luck!