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Repair Your Credit for the Following Cities in State of Idaho

Aberdeen, Idaho
Aberdeen Junction, Idaho
Abstein Place, Idaho
Acequia, Idaho
Adair, Idaho
Addie, Idaho
Adelaide, Idaho
Agatha, Idaho
Ahsahka, Idaho
Aiken, Idaho
Alameda, Idaho
Albion, Idaho
Alder Creek, Idaho
Alexander, Idaho
Algoma, Idaho
Allendale, Idaho
Allens Spur, Idaho
Almo, Idaho
Alpha, Idaho
Alpine, Idaho
Alridge, Idaho
Alton, Idaho
Amalga, Idaho
American Falls, Idaho
Ammon, Idaho
Amsco, Idaho
Amsterdam, Idaho
Anderson, Idaho
Anderson Place, Idaho
Annis, Idaho
Apple Valley, Idaho
Appleton, Idaho
Arbon, Idaho
Arbon Valley, Idaho
Archabal, Idaho
Archer, Idaho
Arco, Idaho
Argy Island, Idaho
Arimo, Idaho
Arling, Idaho
Arrow, Idaho
Artesian City, Idaho
Asbestos Point, Idaho
Ashton, Idaho
Aspendale, Idaho
Athol, Idaho
Atlanta, Idaho
Atlas, Idaho
Atomic City, Idaho
Avery, Idaho
Avon, Idaho
Bacon, Idaho
Baker, Idaho
Bancroft, Idaho
Banida, Idaho
Banks, Idaho
Banks Island, Idaho
Banner, Idaho
Bannock, Idaho
Barber, Idaho
Barite, Idaho
Barlow, Idaho
Barrymore, Idaho
Barton, Idaho
Bartoo Island, Idaho
Basalt, Idaho
Basin, Idaho
Bassett, Idaho
Bates, Idaho
Bay Island, Idaho
Bayha Island, Idaho
Bayhorse, Idaho
Bayview, Idaho
Beachs Corner, Idaho
Bear, Idaho
Bear Creek Summer Home Area, Idaho
Bear Island, Idaho
Bear Lake Hot Springs, Idaho
Bear Lake Sands, Idaho
Beatty, Idaho
Beaver Island, Idaho
Becky Island, Idaho
Bedstead Corner, Idaho
Beeman, Idaho
Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho
Beetville, Idaho
Bellevue, Idaho
Bellgrove, Idaho
Belmont, Idaho
Belvidere, Idaho
Bench, Idaho
Benewah, Idaho
Bengoechea Place, Idaho
Bennington, Idaho
Berenice, Idaho
Berger, Idaho
Bergstrom Place, Idaho
Bern, Idaho
Besslen, Idaho
Best Corner, Idaho
Big Cedar, Idaho
Big Cottonwood Island, Idaho
Big Creek, Idaho
Big Eddy, Idaho
Big Foot Island, Idaho
Big George, Idaho
Big Island, Idaho
Big Island (historical), Idaho
Big Rocky Island, Idaho
Big Springs, Idaho
Bills, Idaho
Bingo Creek Landing, Idaho
Bird Island, Idaho
Birding Island, Idaho
Bishop Island, Idaho
Black Bear, Idaho
Black Canyon, Idaho
Black Pine, Idaho
Blackbird, Idaho
Blackburn Island, Idaho
Blackcloud, Idaho
Blackfoot, Idaho
Blackrock, Idaho
Blacks Creek, Idaho
Blacks Island (historical), Idaho
Blacktail, Idaho
Blackwell, Idaho
Blackwell Island, Idaho
Blaine, Idaho
Blake, Idaho
Blanchard, Idaho
Blind Island, Idaho
Bliss, Idaho
Bloomington, Idaho
Blue Dome, Idaho
Boehls, Idaho
Bogle, Idaho
Boise, Idaho
Boise Hills Village, Idaho
Boise Junction, Idaho
Boles, Idaho
Bonanza, Idaho
Bone, Idaho
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
Border, Idaho
Boulder, Idaho
Bovill, Idaho
Bowmont, Idaho
Box Canyon, Idaho
Boyer, Idaho
Bradley, Idaho
Bramwell, Idaho
Bridge, Idaho
Bridge Island, Idaho
Broadford, Idaho
Bronx, Idaho
Brooks Island, Idaho
Broten, Idaho
Brownlee, Idaho
Bruce Eddy, Idaho
Bruneau, Idaho
Brunning, Idaho
Buck Island, Idaho
Buckingham, Idaho
Budge, Idaho
Buhl, Idaho
Buist, Idaho
Bullion, Idaho
Buncel Place, Idaho
Bundy, Idaho
Bunn, Idaho
Burgdorf, Idaho
Burke, Idaho
Burley, Idaho
Burmah, Idaho
Burns, Idaho
Burton, Idaho
Butler Island, Idaho
Butte City, Idaho
Byrne, Idaho
Cabarton, Idaho
Cabinet, Idaho
Cable Car Crossing, Idaho
Cache, Idaho
Calder, Idaho
Caldwell, Idaho
Calendar, Idaho
Camas, Idaho
Cambridge, Idaho
Cameron, Idaho
Camp Creek Summer Home Area, Idaho
Canfield, Idaho
Canyon, Idaho
Carbon Center, Idaho
Cardiff, Idaho
Cardiff Mill, Idaho
Cardwell, Idaho
Carey, Idaho
Careywood, Idaho
Caribel, Idaho
Carmen, Idaho
Carrietown, Idaho
Cascade, Idaho
Castle Rocks, Idaho
Castleford, Idaho
Casto, Idaho
Cataldo, Idaho
Cathedral Pines, Idaho
Cavendish, Idaho
Cayuse Junction, Idaho
Cedar, Idaho
Cedar Creek, Idaho
Cedarhill, Idaho
Cedron, Idaho
Centerville, Idaho
Central, Idaho
Central Cove, Idaho
Cerro Grande, Idaho
Chain Island, Idaho
Chalk Cut, Idaho
Challis, Idaho
Chapin, Idaho
Chat’u’washa’lqs Bluff, Idaho
Chatcolet, Idaho
Chausse, Idaho
Cherry Creek, Idaho
Cherrylane, Idaho
Cherryville, Idaho
Chesley, Idaho
Chester, Idaho
Chesterfield, Idaho
Chilco, Idaho
Chilly, Idaho
China Hat, Idaho
China Hill, Idaho
Chł’ach’alqw Landing, Idaho
Chubbuck, Idaho
Cinder Island, Idaho
Clagstone, Idaho
Clarendon Hot Springs, Idaho
Clark Fork, Idaho
Clark Tree, Idaho
Clarkia, Idaho
Clarks Island, Idaho
Clarkson, Idaho
Clarksville, Idaho
Clawson, Idaho
Clayton, Idaho
Claytonia, Idaho
Clearwater, Idaho
Cleft, Idaho
Clementsville, Idaho
Cleveland, Idaho
Clicks, Idaho
Cliffs, Idaho
Clifton, Idaho
Clover, Idaho
Cloverdale, Idaho
Clyde, Idaho
Cobalt, Idaho
Cocolalla, Idaho
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Coffee Point, Idaho
Colburn, Idaho
Coleman, Idaho
Collier Place, Idaho
Collins, Idaho
Collister, Idaho
Coltman, Idaho
Comical Turn, Idaho
Conant, Idaho
Concord, Idaho
Concrete, Idaho
Conda, Idaho
Conkling Park, Idaho
Connor, Idaho
Coolin, Idaho
Cooper, Idaho
Copeland, Idaho
Copperville, Idaho
Cora, Idaho
Corbin Junction, Idaho
Cormorant Island, Idaho
Cornwall, Idaho
Corral, Idaho
Cottage Island, Idaho
Cotterel, Idaho
Cotton, Idaho
Cottontail Island, Idaho
Cottonwood, Idaho
Cougar Island, Idaho
Coulam, Idaho
Council, Idaho
Cow Creek, Idaho
Cox, Idaho
Craig Junction, Idaho
Craigmont, Idaho
Crane Island, Idaho
Cream Can Junction, Idaho
Crescent, Idaho
Crill Place, Idaho
Cross Trails, Idaho
Crossport, Idaho
Crouch, Idaho
Crow Island, Idaho
Crystal, Idaho
Culdesac, Idaho
Cully Moores, Idaho
Culver, Idaho
Cuprum, Idaho
Current Island, Idaho
Curry, Idaho
Custer, Idaho
Custer Island, Idaho
Dairy Creek, Idaho
Dalton Gardens, Idaho
Daniels, Idaho
Dans Place, Idaho
Darby, Idaho
Darlington, Idaho
Davidson, Idaho
Dayton, Idaho
De Lamar, Idaho
De Smet, Idaho
Deal, Idaho
Deary, Idaho
Declo, Idaho
Deep Creek, Idaho
Dehlin, Idaho
Del Monte, Idaho
Delta, Idaho
Democrat, Idaho
Dent, Idaho
Denton, Idaho
Denver, Idaho
Derr Island, Idaho
DeVeny Place, Idaho
Devils Ladder, Idaho
Dew Drop Place, Idaho
Dewey, Idaho
DeWoff, Idaho
Diamond, Idaho
Dickens Place, Idaho
Dickensheet Junction, Idaho
Dickey, Idaho
Dickshooter, Idaho
Dietrich, Idaho
Dilley Island, Idaho
Dingle, Idaho
Dixie, Idaho
Doles, Idaho
Dolman Island, Idaho
Don, Idaho
Doniphan, Idaho
Donnelly, Idaho
Dover, Idaho
Downata Hot Springs, Idaho
Downey, Idaho
Doyle Place, Idaho
Dredge Island, Idaho
Driggs, Idaho
Drummond, Idaho
Dry Forty, Idaho
Dryden, Idaho
Dubois, Idaho
Dudley, Idaho
Dufort, Idaho
Duncan Place, Idaho
Eagle, Idaho
Eagle Island, Idaho
Eagle Nest, Idaho
Easley Hot Springs, Idaho
East Hope, Idaho
East Kamiah, Idaho
Eastport, Idaho
Eaton, Idaho
Eccles, Idaho
Echo Beach, Idaho
Eddyville, Idaho
Eden, Idaho
Edgemere, Idaho
Edgington Island (historical), Idaho
Edmonds, Idaho
Edwardsburg, Idaho
Egin, Idaho
Egypt, Idaho
Eiffie, Idaho
Eighteenmile, Idaho
Eightmile Island, Idaho
Eileen, Idaho
Elba, Idaho
Elizabeth Park, Idaho
Elk Bend, Idaho
Elk City, Idaho
Elk Creek, Idaho
Elk River, Idaho
Elk Summit, Idaho
Elkhorn Village, Idaho
Ellis, Idaho
Elmira, Idaho
Emerald Creek, Idaho
Emida, Idaho
Emigrant Crossing, Idaho
Emmett, Idaho
Enaville, Idaho
English Point, Idaho
Enrose, Idaho
Era, Idaho
Erlmo, Idaho
Estes, Idaho
Ethelton, Idaho
Eugene, Idaho
Evans Landing, Idaho
Evergreen, Idaho
Excelsior Beach, Idaho
Fairfield, Idaho
Fairview, Idaho
Fairylawn, Idaho
Falcon, Idaho
Fall Creek, Idaho
Falls City, Idaho
Farnum, Idaho
Featherville, Idaho
Felt, Idaho
Feltham, Idaho
Fenn, Idaho
Ferdinand, Idaho
Ferguson, Idaho
Fernan Lake Village, Idaho
Fernwood, Idaho
Filer, Idaho
Fingal, Idaho
Fir Grove, Idaho
Fir Island, Idaho
Firth, Idaho
Fischer, Idaho
Fischer Island, Idaho
Fish Haven, Idaho
Fisherman Island, Idaho
Five Corners, Idaho
Flat Creek, Idaho
Flat Rock, Idaho
Fletcher, Idaho

Flint, Idaho
Florence, Idaho
Foglers Island, Idaho
Forebay, Idaho
Forest, Idaho
Forney, Idaho
Fort Hall, Idaho
Fort Wilson, Idaho
Four Corners, Idaho
Fourmile Island, Idaho
Fourway Junction, Idaho
Fox Creek, Idaho
France, Idaho
Franklin, Idaho
Fraser, Idaho
Freedom, Idaho
Freeze, Idaho
French Corner, Idaho
French Creek, Idaho
Frisco, Idaho
Fritser Ford, Idaho
Frost Place, Idaho
Fruit Island, Idaho
Fruitland, Idaho
Fruitvale, Idaho
Fuller, Idaho
Fuller Island, Idaho
Fullmer, Idaho
Gale, Idaho
Galena, Idaho
Gamble Island, Idaho
Gannett, Idaho
Garden City, Idaho
Garden Valley, Idaho
Gardena, Idaho
Garfield, Idaho
Garrard Ranch, Idaho
Garwood, Idaho
Gay, Idaho
Gayway Corner, Idaho
Gem, Idaho
Genesee, Idaho
Geneva, Idaho
Gentry, Idaho
Georgetown, Idaho
German Settlement, Idaho
Gerrard, Idaho
Gerrit, Idaho
Gibbonsville, Idaho
Gibbs, Idaho
Gibler, Idaho
Gibson, Idaho
Gifford, Idaho
Gilmore, Idaho
Gimlet, Idaho
Givens Hot Springs, Idaho
Giveout, Idaho
Glencoe, Idaho
Glendale, Idaho
Glengary, Idaho
Glenns Ferry, Idaho
Glenwood, Idaho
Goat Island, Idaho
Godwin, Idaho
Golconda, Idaho
Gold Creek, Idaho
Gold Island, Idaho
Gold Isle, Idaho
Gold Point, Idaho
Goldburg, Idaho
Golden, Idaho
Goldeneye Island, Idaho
Good Grief, Idaho
Gooding, Idaho
Goodrich, Idaho
Goose Egg Island, Idaho
Goshen, Idaho
Goshen Junction, Idaho
Grace, Idaho
Grainville, Idaho
Grand View, Idaho
Grandjean, Idaho
Grandview, Idaho
Grangeville, Idaho
Granite, Idaho
Grant, Idaho
Grasmere, Idaho
Gray, Idaho
Grays Landing, Idaho
Green, Idaho
Greencreek, Idaho
Greenleaf, Idaho
Greenwood, Idaho
Greer, Idaho
Gridley Island, Idaho
Grimes Pass, Idaho
Gross, Idaho
Grouse, Idaho
Groveland, Idaho
Guffey, Idaho
Guffey Island, Idaho
Gull Island, Idaho
Gurney, Idaho
Guyaz, Idaho
Gwenford, Idaho
Hagerman, Idaho
Hahn, Idaho
Hailey, Idaho
Haley, Idaho
Hamer, Idaho
Hamilton Corner, Idaho
Hammett, Idaho
Hampton, Idaho
Hand Place, Idaho
Hansberg, Idaho
Hansen, Idaho
Harbor Island, Idaho
Harer, Idaho
Harlem, Idaho
Harpster, Idaho
Harrell Place, Idaho
Harris Landing, Idaho
Harrisburg, Idaho
Harrison, Idaho
Hart, Idaho
Harvard, Idaho
Harvey Place, Idaho
Hatch, Idaho
Hatwai, Idaho
Hauser, Idaho
Havens, Idaho
Hawgood, Idaho
Hawkins, Idaho
Hawley, Idaho
Hawleys Landing, Idaho
Hayden, Idaho
Hayden Lake, Idaho
Hazelton, Idaho
Headquarters, Idaho
Heath, Idaho
Heglar, Idaho
Heise, Idaho
Helena, Idaho
Helmer, Idaho
Heltons Island, Idaho
Heman, Idaho
Henry, Idaho
Herbert, Idaho
Herman, Idaho
Hermit Island, Idaho
Heron Island, Idaho
Herrick, Idaho
Heyburn, Idaho
Hibbard, Idaho
Hidden Spring, Idaho
Hidden Springs, Idaho
High Valley, Idaho
Highbridge, Idaho
Highlands, Idaho
Hill City, Idaho
Hillcrest, Idaho
Hinckley, Idaho
Hobson, Idaho
Hoelzle Place, Idaho
Hog Island, Idaho
Holbrook, Idaho
Holbrook Island, Idaho
Holbrook Summit, Idaho
Hollister, Idaho
Hollywood, Idaho
Homedale, Idaho
Hoover, Idaho
Hope, Idaho
Horsecamp, Idaho
Horseshoe Bend, Idaho
Hot Springs, Idaho
Houston, Idaho
Howard, Idaho
Howe, Idaho
Howell, Idaho
Hoyt, Idaho
Huetter, Idaho
Humphrey, Idaho
Hunt, Idaho
Huston, Idaho
Hydra, Idaho
Hynes, Idaho
I P Bills Island, Idaho
Idaho City, Idaho
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Idahome, Idaho
Idmon, Idaho
Indian Head Rock, Idaho
Indian Jim Place, Idaho
Indian Valley, Idaho
Ingard, Idaho
Inkom, Idaho
Iona, Idaho
Ireland Springs, Idaho
Irwin, Idaho
Isabella Landing, Idaho
Island Park, Idaho
Iversons, Idaho
Jackson, Idaho
Jacques, Idaho
James Place, Idaho
Jaype, Idaho
Jenkins Will, Idaho
Jenness, Idaho
Jensen, Idaho
Jerome, Idaho
Jim Moore Place, Idaho
Joel, Idaho
Johnson, Idaho
Johnsons Mill, Idaho
Jolley, Idaho
Jonathan, Idaho
Jones Crossing, Idaho
Joseph, Idaho
Josephson, Idaho
Judge Town, Idaho
Judkins, Idaho
Juliaetta, Idaho
Junction, Idaho
Juniper, Idaho
Kalispell Island, Idaho
Kameron, Idaho
Kamiah, Idaho
Karcher Junction, Idaho
Katka, Idaho
Keeler, Idaho
Kellers Island, Idaho
Kellogg, Idaho
Kelso, Idaho
Kendrick, Idaho
Kenyon, Idaho
Keogh, Idaho
Ketchum, Idaho
Keuterville, Idaho
Kid Island, Idaho
Kilgore, Idaho
Kimama, Idaho
Kimball, Idaho
Kimberly, Idaho
King Hill, Idaho
Kings Corner, Idaho
Kingston, Idaho
Kinney Point Summer Home Area, Idaho
Kinport, Idaho
Kippen, Idaho
Knowlton Heights, Idaho
Knull, Idaho
Konkolville, Idaho
Kooskia, Idaho
Kootenai, Idaho
Kuna, Idaho
Labelle, Idaho
Laclede, Idaho
Lacon, Idaho
Lago, Idaho
Lake, Idaho
Lake Fork, Idaho
Lakeshore Summer Home Area, Idaho
Lakeview, Idaho
Lamb Creek, Idaho
Lamont, Idaho
Lanark, Idaho
Landmark, Idaho
Landore, Idaho
Lane, Idaho
Lapwai, Idaho
Larson, Idaho
Last Chance, Idaho
Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
Lawman Ford, Idaho
Leadore, Idaho
Leadville, Idaho
Leesburg, Idaho
Leland, Idaho
Lemhi, Idaho
Len Landing, Idaho
Lenore, Idaho
Lenville, Idaho
Leone, Idaho
Leonia, Idaho
Leprouse, Idaho
Leslie, Idaho
Letha, Idaho
Lewiston, Idaho
Lewiston Orchards, Idaho
Lewisville, Idaho
Liberty, Idaho
Lidy Hot Springs, Idaho
Lifton, Idaho
Lightfoot, Idaho
Lignite, Idaho
Lincoln, Idaho
Linden, Idaho
Lindsayville, Idaho
Linfor, Idaho
Little Banks Island, Idaho
Little Island, Idaho
Little Rock, Idaho
Little Rocky Island, Idaho
Little Sugar Loaf, Idaho
Lone Pine, Idaho
Lone Rock, Idaho
Long Creek Summit Home, Idaho
Long Island, Idaho
Lorenzo, Idaho
Lost River, Idaho
Lotus, Idaho
Loveridge Island (historical), Idaho
Lowell, Idaho
Lower Stanley, Idaho
Lowman, Idaho
Lucile, Idaho
Lund, Idaho
Lyman, Idaho
Mace, Idaho
Mackay, Idaho
Mackay Bar, Idaho
Macon, Idaho
Maddens, Idaho
Magic, Idaho
Magic City, Idaho
Magic Resort, Idaho
Malad City, Idaho
Malta, Idaho
Manson, Idaho
Mapleton, Idaho
Marble Creek, Idaho
Marion, Idaho
Mark, Idaho
Marley, Idaho
Marsh Valley, Idaho
Marsing, Idaho
Martin, Idaho
Marysville, Idaho
Mashburn, Idaho
May, Idaho
May Place, Idaho
Mayfield, Idaho
Mc Arthur, Idaho
McCall, Idaho
McCammon, Idaho
McCarthy, Idaho
McConnel Island, Idaho
McCrea Place, Idaho
McDonalds, Idaho
McDonaldville, Idaho
McHenry, Idaho
McMillan, Idaho
McRea Island, Idaho
McTucker Island, Idaho
Meadow Creek, Idaho
Meadowhurst, Idaho
Meadows, Idaho
Meadowville, Idaho
Medimont, Idaho
Melba, Idaho
Melrose, Idaho
Memaloose Island, Idaho
Menan, Idaho
Meridian, Idaho
Mesa, Idaho
Mexican Place, Idaho
Mica, Idaho
Michaud, Idaho
Midasville, Idaho
Middleton, Idaho
Midnight, Idaho
Midvale, Idaho
Midway, Idaho
Miller Creek Settlement, Idaho
Millet Island, Idaho
Milltown, Idaho
Milner, Idaho
Milo, Idaho
Mineral, Idaho
Minidoka, Idaho
Mink Creek, Idaho
Mitchell, Idaho
Mohler, Idaho
Monteview, Idaho
Montour, Idaho
Montpelier, Idaho
Moody, Idaho
Moore, Idaho
Moose City, Idaho
Mora, Idaho
Moravia, Idaho
Moreland, Idaho
Morgan, Idaho
Morgan Place, Idaho
Morrow, Idaho
Morton, Idaho
Moscow, Idaho
Moss, Idaho
Mound Valley, Idaho
Mount Idaho, Idaho
Mountain Home, Idaho
Mowry, Idaho
Moyie Springs, Idaho
Mozart, Idaho
Mud Lake, Idaho
Mud Springs, Idaho
Mullan, Idaho
Murphy, Idaho
Murphy Hot Springs, Idaho
Murray, Idaho
Murtaugh, Idaho
Musselshell, Idaho
Myers, Idaho
Myrtle, Idaho
Naf, Idaho
Nampa, Idaho
Naples, Idaho
Nashville, Idaho
Neeley, Idaho
Nettle Island, Idaho
Neva, Idaho
New Centerville, Idaho
New Meadows, Idaho
New Plymouth, Idaho
Newdale, Idaho
Newman, Idaho
Newsome, Idaho
Nezperce, Idaho
Nicholia, Idaho
Niter, Idaho
Noble Island, Idaho
Nora, Idaho
Nordman, Idaho
Norland, Idaho
North Fork, Idaho
North Kenyon, Idaho
North Lapwai, Idaho
North Lewiston, Idaho
North Pole, Idaho
North South Ski Bowl, Idaho
Norwood, Idaho

Notus, Idaho
Nounan, Idaho
Novene, Idaho
Nuckols, Idaho
O’Callaghans Island, Idaho
Oakley, Idaho
Obsidian, Idaho
Oden, Idaho
Ola, Idaho
Old Beaver, Idaho
Old Fort, Idaho
Old Golden, Idaho
Oldtown, Idaho
Olsen, Idaho
Olsons, Idaho
Omega, Idaho
Omill, Idaho
Onaway, Idaho
Ora, Idaho
Orchard, Idaho
Oreana, Idaho
Orofino, Idaho
Orogrande, Idaho
Orvin, Idaho
Osburn, Idaho
Osgood, Idaho
Outlet Bay, Idaho
Ovid, Idaho
Owinza, Idaho
Owyhee, Idaho
Owyhee Heights, Idaho
Oxford, Idaho
Pagari, Idaho
Page, Idaho
Palisades, Idaho
Palisades Corner, Idaho
Papoose Island, Idaho
Paradise Hot Springs, Idaho
Paradise Valley Summer Home Area, Idaho
Pardee, Idaho
Pardee Corner, Idaho
Parees Island, Idaho
Paris, Idaho
Parker, Idaho
Parkinson, Idaho
Parkline, Idaho
Parma, Idaho
Patterson, Idaho
Paul, Idaho
Pauline, Idaho
Payette, Idaho
Payette Heights, Idaho
Payne, Idaho
Pearl, Idaho
Pearl Island, Idaho
Pearson, Idaho
Peavey, Idaho
Pebble, Idaho
Peck, Idaho
Pedee, Idaho
Pegram, Idaho
Pella, Idaho
Perkins, Idaho
Perrine, Idaho
Petersons Crossing, Idaho
Picabo, Idaho
Pierce, Idaho
Pine, Idaho
Pine Creek, Idaho
Pine Ridge, Idaho
Pinehurst, Idaho
Pineview, Idaho
Pingree, Idaho
Pioneerville, Idaho
Placerville, Idaho
Plano, Idaho
Player Place, Idaho
Plaza, Idaho
Pleasant Valley, Idaho
Pleasant Valley Place, Idaho
Pleasant View, Idaho
Pleasantview, Idaho
Plummer, Idaho
Plummer Junction, Idaho
Pocatello, Idaho
Pocono, Idaho
Poison Creek Island, Idaho
Pollock, Idaho
Ponderay, Idaho
Pool Island, Idaho
Popcorn Island, Idaho
Popike Island, Idaho
Poplar, Idaho
Porthill, Idaho
Portneuf, Idaho
Post Falls, Idaho
Potlatch, Idaho
Potlatch Junction, Idaho
Potter Place, Idaho
Powell Junction, Idaho
Prairie, Idaho
Preston, Idaho
Prichard, Idaho
Priest Lake, Idaho
Priest River, Idaho
Princeton, Idaho
Punkin Corner, Idaho
Pyke, Idaho
Quartzburg, Idaho
Quigley, Idaho
Rabbit Island, Idaho
Raccoon Island, Idaho
Raft River, Idaho
Rail Island, Idaho
Ramey, Idaho
Ramsdell, Idaho
Ramsey, Idaho
Rands, Idaho
Rankin Mill, Idaho
Rathdrum, Idaho
Raymond, Idaho
Rea, Idaho
Rebecca, Idaho
Reclamation Village, Idaho
Red River Hot Springs, Idaho
Red Rock Junction, Idaho
Regina, Idaho
Renfrew, Idaho
Reubens, Idaho
Reverse, Idaho
Rexburg, Idaho
Reynolds, Idaho
Richards Island, Idaho
Richfield, Idaho
Rickard Crossing, Idaho
Riddle, Idaho
Ridgedale, Idaho
Rigby, Idaho
Riggins, Idaho
Riggins Hot Springs, Idaho
Rippee Island, Idaho
Ririe, Idaho
Rising River, Idaho
Ritz, Idaho
Riverdale, Idaho
Riverside, Idaho
Roberts, Idaho
Robin, Idaho
Robinson Bar, Idaho
Rock Creek, Idaho
Rock House Place, Idaho
Rock Island, Idaho
Rockaway Beach, Idaho
Rockford, Idaho
Rockford Bay, Idaho
Rockland, Idaho
Rockville, Idaho
Rocky Bar, Idaho
Rocky Point, Idaho
Rogerson, Idaho
Roland, Idaho
Rookstool Corner, Idaho
Rose, Idaho
Rose Lake, Idaho
Roseberry, Idaho
Roseworth, Idaho
Ross Island, Idaho
Roswell, Idaho
Rothas, Idaho
Rouse, Idaho
Rover, Idaho
Roy, Idaho
Roy Summit, Idaho
Rubicon, Idaho
Ruby, Idaho
Rudo, Idaho
Rudy, Idaho
Rupert, Idaho
Sage Junction, Idaho
Sagle, Idaho
Saint Anthony, Idaho
Saint Charles, Idaho
Saint Joe, Idaho
Saint Johns, Idaho
Saint Maries, Idaho
Salem, Idaho
Salmon, Idaho
Salubria, Idaho
Sam, Idaho
Samaria, Idaho
Sampson, Idaho
Samuels, Idaho
Sand Hollow, Idaho
Sanders, Idaho
Sandpoint, Idaho
Santa, Idaho
Sarilda, Idaho
Sawyer, Idaho
Schiller, Idaho
Schnoors, Idaho
Schodde, Idaho
Schoffs Island, Idaho
Schow, Idaho
Scoville, Idaho
Seaburg, Idaho
Sebree, Idaho
Selby, Idaho
Selle, Idaho
Seneacquoteen, Idaho
Setters, Idaho
Settlers Island, Idaho
Sharon, Idaho
Sheep Island, Idaho
Shelley, Idaho
Shells Lick, Idaho
Shellworth Island, Idaho
Sherwin, Idaho
Sherwood Beach, Idaho
Shiloh, Idaho
Ship Island, Idaho
Shoreline Drive Summer Home Area, Idaho
Shoshone, Idaho
Shoup, Idaho
Sign Island, Idaho
Silver Beach, Idaho
Silver City, Idaho
Silver Sands Beach, Idaho
Silver Star, Idaho
Silvertip Landing, Idaho
Silverton, Idaho
Simplot, Idaho
Sinclair, Idaho
Slabtown, Idaho
Slacks Corner, Idaho
Slate Creek, Idaho
Slickpoo, Idaho
Slocum, Idaho
Smaq’wqn Hill, Idaho
Smelter Heights, Idaho
Smelterville, Idaho
Smith Corrals, Idaho
Smith Island, Idaho
Smith Springs, Idaho
Smiths Ferry, Idaho
Smiths Island, Idaho
Snells Island, Idaho
Soda Springs, Idaho
Soldier, Idaho
Sonna, Idaho
South Mountain, Idaho
Southwick, Idaho
Spalding, Idaho
Sparlin Island, Idaho
Spencer, Idaho
Spink, Idaho
Spirit Lake, Idaho
Spiry Place, Idaho
Split Island, Idaho
Spring Island, Idaho
Springdale, Idaho
Springfield, Idaho
Springston, Idaho
Squirrel, Idaho
Staffel Island, Idaho
Staley Springs, Idaho
Stanford, Idaho
Stanley, Idaho
Stanton Crossing, Idaho
Star, Idaho
Star Ranch Summer Home Area, Idaho
Starkey, Idaho
State Line Village, Idaho
Steamboat Rock, Idaho
Steamboat Rocks, Idaho
Sterling, Idaho
Stetson, Idaho
Stevens, Idaho
Stibnite, Idaho
Stites, Idaho
Stone, Idaho
Stout Crossing, Idaho
Strevell, Idaho
Striker, Idaho
Strong Island, Idaho
Stull, Idaho
Sturgeon, Idaho
Sublett, Idaho
Sugar City, Idaho
Sugar Loaf, Idaho
Sugarloaf, Idaho
Sun Valley, Idaho
Sunbeam, Idaho
Sunnydell, Idaho
Sunnyside, Idaho
Sunnyslope, Idaho
Swan Falls, Idaho
Swan Lake, Idaho
Swan Valley, Idaho
Swanlake, Idaho
Swartz Corner, Idaho
Sweeney, Idaho
Sweet, Idaho
Sweetwater, Idaho
Syringa, Idaho
Taber, Idaho
Tahoe, Idaho
Talache, Idaho
Talache Landing, Idaho
Talmage, Idaho
Tamarack, Idaho
Tammany, Idaho
Taplin, Idaho
Taylor, Idaho
Taylorville, Idaho
Teakean, Idaho
Telegraph Hill, Idaho
Telluride, Idaho
Tendoy, Idaho
Tenmile Summer Home Area, Idaho
Tensed, Idaho
Terreton, Idaho
Teton, Idaho
Tetonia, Idaho
Thama, Idaho
Thatcher, Idaho
The Cedars, Idaho
The String, Idaho
Thiard, Idaho
Thomas, Idaho
Thorenson, Idaho
Thornton, Idaho
Three Creek, Idaho
Threemile Corner, Idaho
Threemile Crossing, Idaho
Tiegs Corner, Idaho
Tikura, Idaho
Tipperary Corner, Idaho
Torreys, Idaho
Tramway, Idaho
Transfer, Idaho
Travers, Idaho
Treasureton, Idaho
Trestle Creek, Idaho
Triangle, Idaho
Triumph, Idaho
Trout, Idaho
Troy, Idaho
Trude, Idaho
Tule Island, Idaho
Tunupa, Idaho
Turner, Idaho
Turnpike, Idaho
Tuttle, Idaho
Twin Beaches, Idaho
Twin Falls, Idaho
Twin Forks, Idaho
Twin Groves, Idaho
Twin Islands, Idaho
Twin Springs, Idaho
Twinlow, Idaho
Two Forks, Idaho
Tyhee, Idaho
Tyrrel Island (historical), Idaho
Tyson Creek Station, Idaho
Ucon, Idaho
Underkoflers Corner, Idaho
Unity, Idaho
Upper Crossing, Idaho
Ustick, Idaho
Valley View Heights, Idaho
Vans Corner, Idaho
Vassar, Idaho
Vay, Idaho
Vernon, Idaho
Victor, Idaho
View, Idaho
Viola, Idaho
Virginia, Idaho
Vollmer, Idaho
Vosburg Place, Idaho
Waha, Idaho
Walker, Idaho
Wallace, Idaho
Walters Ferry, Idaho
Walters Island, Idaho
Wapello, Idaho
Wapi, Idaho
Wardboro, Idaho
Wardner, Idaho
Ware Island, Idaho
Warm Lake, Idaho
Warm River, Idaho
Warren, Idaho
Warren Island, Idaho
Warrens, Idaho
Washington Mill, Idaho
Washoe, Idaho
Wayan, Idaho
Wayland, Idaho
Webb, Idaho
Weippe, Idaho
Weiser, Idaho
Weitz, Idaho
Wendell, Idaho
Westlake, Idaho
Westma, Idaho
Westmond, Idaho
Weston, Idaho
Whipsaw Saddle, Idaho
White Bird, Idaho
Whitney, Idaho
Wickahoney, Idaho
Wildcat Island, Idaho
Wilder, Idaho
Wildhorse, Idaho
Wilford, Idaho
Wilkins Island, Idaho
Williams Creek Summit Home Area, Idaho
Williams Lake Resort, Idaho
Willola, Idaho
Willow Island, Idaho
Wilson, Idaho
Winchester, Idaho
Winder, Idaho
Winona, Idaho
Winsper, Idaho
Wolf Lodge, Idaho
Wolverine, Idaho
Wood, Idaho
Woodland, Idaho
Woodland Park, Idaho
Woodruff, Idaho
Woods Crossing, Idaho
Woodside, Idaho
Woodville, Idaho
Wooleys, Idaho
Worley, Idaho
Wrencoe, Idaho
Wright Island, Idaho
Yellow Pine, Idaho
Yellowjacket, Idaho
York, Idaho
Zaza, Idaho
Zenda, Idaho

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According to studies, 89% of credit reports contain mistakes or serious errors.

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Get Your Credit Fixed & Inaccurate Negative & Inquiries Removed!

We'll dispute your negative inaccurate items quickly and efficiently.

Plan A

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards
$ 99
Up To 5 Negative Items
  • Collections
  • Credit Card Lates
  • Store Card Lates

Plan B

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards
$ 159
Up To 10 Negative Items
  • Collections
  • Credit Card Lates
  • Store Card Lates

Plan C

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards
$ 199
Unlimited Negatives + Inquires
  • Collections
  • Credit Card Lates
  • Inquires

Plan D

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards
$ 299
Unlimited Judgments
  • Public Records - Judgments
  • Auto Lates
  • Inquires

Plan E

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards + $5,000 Credit Line
$ 399
Public Records + Negative Items
  • Bankruptcy - Public - Negative Items
  • Tax Liens - Medical - Auto Lates
  • Inquires

Plan F

Includes 5 Active Credit Cards - $10,000 Credit Line
$ 499
Publc + Negatives + Inquires
  • Bankruptcy - Public - Mortgage
  • Judgments - Tax Liens - Negative Items
  • Auto Lates - Medical - Inquires

Live Score Client Portal

Credit Monkey creates and maintains an account within our Live Score Client Portal for all of our clients in Idaho. This dynamic tool allows our clients to access their scores 24/7, without putting any inquiries on the clients credit history. Plus, as we remove items, the client gets a chart of the new updated scores and may compare them to their old scores. 

Credit Monkey provides clients with our Credit Repair Idaho Training Academy, so that they may educate themselves on how to earn and maintain a high credit rating.

Read Reviews From Happy Customers

We've helped thousands of people fix their credit for the past 10 years to get mortgages, auto loans, and so much more.

100+ Reviews

Emanuel M.

“Thank you Credit Monkey for increasing my score by 175 points! I had gotten really sick and had to go out of town to see doctors. I couldn’t work to keep up with my house bills or medical bills.These guys are awesome! They helped me get my credit back.”

150+ Reviews

Monika Z.

“It has been a huge pleasure with such ease and clarity in the short time we have started. In one months time we jumped 60 points moving from mid 600’s to 709 in our first updated credit report. We did everything they suggested and had great support from them as detailed questions arose for us. Looking forward to the next several months to get us to 750.”

75+ Reviews

Valerie W.

“Signed up last month with credit monkey, it was a quick process done all by the comfort of my own lap top. I got the plan for $299 a month they didn’t charge my account until after my first set of negitive items were sent. They are easy to reach, my scores did go up about 30 points but they are still working on it. when nicole helped me out she did Mention it was a 3/6 month”

Our Glorious Risk-Free Guarantee

The Credit Monkey 90 Day Guarantee

Idaho Credit Repair Guarantees Satisfaction. Once applicant(s) has been enrolled and the account is set up, for 6 months the applicant(s) must continue working in good faith with Credit Monkey for at least 6 months. After 6 months enrollment or 3 completed dispute cycles, applicant may request a refund if  3 or less items have not been removed within the first 3 cycles of disputes. 

We are also offering Business Credit Set Up Here With Our New Program Biz Funds Hero ! We Build your business credit.


Having access to working capital when you need is important when running a business. Once you have a pre-approved limit, you can access funds at any time and only pay interest on the line of credit used. Benefit from monthly payments, a quick application process, and building business credit history. We make sure you build your business credit with over 14 vendor accounts as well as making sure you are established with a Dun # and More.

Vendor Accounts

We set you up with over 14 different vendor accounts to try to establish positive reporting to credit bureaus for business credit.

Duns # & Tax ID

We make sure to get you set up for a Tax Id # as well as a Duns # to make sure you can start building your business credit.

Unsecured Term Loan

Once we are done building your corporate credit then we can apply for credit cards and loans to get you funding up to $250,000


To Get Started With This Program Simply Click Here 

License & Location:

  • Bonded And Licenses
  • Address505 20th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

If you are interested in starting your own Credit Repair Company in Idaho or Becoming A Credit Repair Agent In Idaho  Click Here