Credit Bureau Scores vs. FICO

Score Variations

Many people starting credit repair are puzzled by the difference in the credit scores that are reported by the three major credit bureaus.

Different Data Different Scores

You have three different scores because each bureau has a slightly different mix of information about you. The variation in scores may be big or small depending on the difference in data. The scores themselves, however, are based on the same FICO software. Occasionally, when Fair Isaac releases a new version of their software the individual bureaus adopt the software at different times. The FICO updates are typically subtle, but from time to time this can account for score variations.

Credit Repair and the Bureaus

Each of your three scores is of equal importance, so it is important to address issues on all three credit bureau reports. Mortgage lenders typically purchase all three scores and process your application using the score with the median or middle score. Many auto lenders have switched from use of a single score to considering two or three in their approval process. And, although some credit card issuers and consumer lenders use only a single score, their bureaus of choice will differ. Your credit repair effort should include all three bureaus.