Credit Bureau Dispute Process

Beyond 611

As previously mentioned, the framework for the credit repair dispute process is included in FCRA Section 611. But beyond the legal guidelines provided by the FCRA are two factors just as important to any credit repair effort: common sense and experience.

Credit Repair Finesse

Common sense and experience play a large role in the success of any credit repair program. Dealing effectively with the credit bureaus requires some finesse. It is important to have a genuine feeling, and even respect, for the operational process of the credit bureaus. Dispute letters should always conform to the capabilities of the departments that are processing your request.

Smart and Simple

Effective credit repair disputes must be prepared with clarity, simplicity, and a thorough understanding of legal leverage.

Working Around the System

Patience and perseverance are essential when dealing with the credit bureaus, as they often implement defensive practices to moderate their work flow. These defensive practices can include dismissive letters claiming “frivolous” disputes, and demands for additional identification, even when perfect identification was furnished.