Choosing a Credit Repair Service

Choosing a credit repair service is an important decision. Several of the large credit repair services use a software platform called Dispute Valet, Dispute Manager, or some variation thereof. From our observation the companies that use this software inevitably fall far short of helping their customers reach the goal of great credit.

The Problem With Automated Services

There are several reasons for this. The most glaring shortfall of a software based dispute program occurs at the outset of the process. These automated services do little more than load up a list of derogatory items from your credit report and then instruct you to pick and choose the items you wish to dispute. There is literally no personal service involved, and the quick selection of obvious derogatory information leaves the majority of possible benefit unexplored.

Real Credit Score Optimization

A truly effective credit repair service will do considerably more than dispute obvious derogatory items on your report. If you really want to optimize your credit scores and end up with usable credit you must consider everything including the number of open accounts, account types, balances, and an array of possible compliance problems on your report that a cursory review will not reveal. It is essential to select a credit repair company that will provide truly professional service and deliver the results you deserve.

Our Credit Repair Services

The Credit Monkey Credit Repair service is designed to address all aspects of your credit to insure the best possible results. We know how important your credit is and what is at stake. We will treat your credit as if it were our very own. We know that every detail matters. We invite you to contact us today to discuss your situation and to explore what a genuine professional credit repair service can do for you.