Building Credit with Secured Cards

The Perfect Credit Repair Tool

You may not be able to get unsecured credit cards; this is not a problem. Just get secured cards, they are the perfect credit repair tool. Even small secured cards are capable of boosting your credit scores dramatically. Once you open your secured cards use them but keep the balances low. For credit repair purposes it is best to use only 20 percent of the available limit on the card.

A Big Difference

Don’t underestimate the power of this credit repair ingredient. If you currently have no open accounts and your scores are in the 500s, two new secured cards can be worth over 100 points within 6 months.

Avoid Store Cards

As mentioned previously in the tutorial, consumer debt, like store cards, is not a good choice for rebuilding your credit. Stick with MasterCard and Visa. If you are in our credit repair program we will provide secured card recommendations.