Build Credit for Good Results

Overcoming Fear

Many people are slow to rebuild their credit after a period of financial stress. There are numerous reasons for this. Fear of denial and fear of getting burned again seem to top the list. But it is not hard to build new credit, and if you want the best results from your credit repair program you must take the plunge.

Secured Card Solution

Given the state of today’s credit markets, if your scores are below 600, you may need to apply for secured credit cards to rebuild your credit. Secured cards typically require a small deposit which will secure the amount of the limit of your new account. This is fine. Secured cards are the perfect credit repair tool and are every bit as effective for building credit as regular unsecured cards.

A Short Dip

If you have no open credit, new accounts are essential for credit repair, and after the initial temporary drop in your scores (as discussed in the Length of History section of the tutorial) you will see significant score improvement. For many people this improvement is in excess of 100 points within six months.

It is Easy

If you are in our credit repair program we will provide you with the information and assistance you need to open and manage your new secured cards easily.