Budget and Savings Tips

Things Happen

Unexpected expenses can arise and put a strain on your budget. Don’t let a temporary financial setback result in late payments. A saving account is the perfect compliment to your credit repair program. Savings will provide a buffer against unforeseen events and insure that your credit repair success is safe.

Build a Budget

Before starting a saving plan it is useful to go through the exercise of creating a budget. Creating a budget does not mean that you must embrace an austerity plan – but it is important that you live within your means.

Make the Numbers Work

Get a pad of paper, clear your desk or kitchen table, and list your expenses. Include everything from the big monthly obligations like your rent or mortgage, to the small daily incidentals like lunch. Don’t forget occasional expenses like vacation; just estimate the amount of money you need and divide by twelve to determine how much you should set aside each month. Add up the expenses and compare them with your income. If you are spending more than you earn you must find a way to reduce your costs.

It Feels Great!

One of the best ways to build a savings account and support your credit repair effort is to plan on saving a small percentage of each paycheck. You pay everyone else, from your landlord to the electric company; now it’s time to start paying yourself. Many of our credit repair customers report a wonderful feeling of confidence and security after starting their saving plan. You can too!