100 Word Statement on Credit Report

Many of our credit repair customers ask about their legal right to insert a 100 word statement into their credit report. Being in the credit repair business we understand the frustration that you may feel about the presence of unwarranted derogatory information on your report, but we advise against the insertion of statements.

Your FCRA Rights

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the credit bureaus to accept and publish a statement from consumers in the case that an item has been disputed and verified by a creditor. To wit:

Section 611 (b): “Statement of dispute. If the reinvestigation does not resolve the dispute, the consumer may file a brief statement setting forth the nature of the dispute. The consumer reporting agency may limit such statements to not more than one hundred words…”

Our Credit Repair Advice

Our advice to our credit repair customers is simple. Do not insert a statement into your credit report. Lenders do not consider credit report statements. Any statement you make will only attract attention to the issue, and is not helpful to either your credit repair effort or the attractiveness of your credit report. We have even seen cases where the statement itself has outlasted the derogatory item in question.

Let Us Clean Up Your Report

If you have made a statement, don’t worry. Removing your statement requires only a written request to the credit bureau. If you are in our credit repair program we will take care of it for you. Once the statement is removed we will attempt to have the underlying issue cleaned up though our dispute process. In many cases a series of professional credit repair disputes will succeed where other efforts have failed.