How Credit Monkey Works

Instantly start increasing your credit score by up to 150 points for FREE!

We have a automatic software that automatically dispute and challenger your negative items with Experian, Transition and Equifax 100% Free. We are now offering these services to the entire world free of charge. To get started just sign up on the get started page and give us access to a credit report.


  • Forget About other credit repair companies charge thousands
  • Immediately start raising your credit score 100% free
  • Qualify for loans and lower interest rates
  • Get auto loans and mortgages approved

How to get started

I am able to dispute all your negative items with my automated dispute wizard, we are 100% free to get started sign up on the get started page and as long as you remain a member we will fight your negative items on your behalf.

  • Sign up for a Credit Monkey account
  • Authorize Credit Monkey to dispute on your behalf
  • Link your Credit Report


Processed Over 1.2 Million disputes