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We have a automatic software that automatically dispute and challenger your negative items with Experian, Transition and Equifax 100% Free. We are now offering these services to the entire world free of charge. To get started just sign up on the get started page and give us access to a credit report.

  • Sign up for a Credit Monkey account
  • Authorize Credit Monkey to dispute on your behalf
  • Link your Credit Report

Credit Monkey versus standard credit repair companies

Typical credit repair companies:

  • They charge thousands of dollars
  • Takes them over 6 months to fix credit
  • Takes a lot of going back and forth “credit specialists”

How , does things differently:

  • We don’t charge anything for our service
  • I dispute the negative items fast
  • We don’t need to have any phone calls we are all automated
  • We will notify you of all changes in your credit monthly

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